Learning  Outside  the  Classroom  Walls!

All Grades 3 – 5 classrooms in South Brunswick received Chromebooks to use for class instruction. Teachers are finding many ways to use Chromebooks and Google Drive to accommodate many different learning styles within the classroom. All students have been very busy learning how to create collaborative documents and work in the cloud! They have learned how to create a Google document in their new student Google Drive account. They have learned how to add and format their text, as well as insert digital images on both a Chromebook and a Macbook. They have also learned how to share their document so that they will be able to collaborate with their classmates and their teacher within their classroom and beyond!

The 4th graders participated in a group project where they discussed topics focused on Cyber Safety. Each team created a digital poster that reminds us all to be safe on the internet.

Check out our Grade 4 Students in Action!




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