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Acceptable Use Policy

Monday, October 28th, 2013

1. I promise to use all tech tools and equipment carefully and not
damage, change or tamper with the hardware, software,
settings or the network.

2. I promise never to use any form of electronic communication to harass, frighten, or bully anyone, and I promise to never be a cyber bully.

3. I promise to use the tech tools and the Internet for schoolwork only. I will use the programs, databases, applications and websites that my teacher has approved.

4. I promise not to share my passwords with anyone other than a trusted adult.

5. I will not view, send or display inappropriate messages or pictures.

6. I promise to tell an adult if I read or see something that is inappropriate.

7. I promise to obey copyright laws.

8. I will not use my personal email account or any personal electronic device at school except with the permission of a staff member.

9. I promise to print only when my teacher tells me to.

10. I promise to only use my own file or my own folder.

11. I promise to follow the rules for proper online behavior and to interact with others 
ethically and safely when on social network sites, blogs, wikis, videocasts, podcasts or 
when using any other Web 2.0 tool.

** I understand that if I break any of my promises, I might not be able to use the computers.