Hello world!

Welcome! We are now ready to take our classroom outside of our four walls and explore the Net! I hope you join me and contribute to our BLOG enhancing your learning! : )

36 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Q says:

    I have a question?Can we talk back and orth to somebody?

  2. Miss Cacace says:

    : ) I’m so excited that our class is beginning to post!

  3. Miss Cacace says:

    Yes! People just have to comment on the comments!

  4. C says:

    I think I’ll blog on this site a lot!
    It’s awesome!!!!

  5. Miss Cacace says:

    : ) Thumbs up!!!

  6. T says:

    This blog is so much fun. I am so happy that we learned how to use a blog.

  7. g says:

    Tis blog is so much fun!!!!!!!!! :-)

  8. Miss Cacace says:

    G – How did you make that smiley face?!?! You must tell me so I can add them too!! : )

  9. Miss Cacace says:

    T – I agree : )

  10. T says:

    Blogging is so much fun. I look on the blog everyday and try to always post something. I just love this blog.

  11. g says:

    i dont know it gust happened :|

  12. g says:

    I think I know now.You have to put a nose on it. Put your mouse on it.

  13. Miss Cacace says:

    G – Ok the easy way to find an answer to this question is to show me on Monday!

  14. g says:

    Yay! Its snowing! :) :) :]

  15. T says:

    Since this blog has been put up I go on every post that has been put up so far. I also try to post on every one. I love this blog.

  16. o says:

    Oh no!! the snow is starting to melt!! :’(

  17. o says:

    I cant do it either!!!

  18. Miss Cacace says:

    T – Glad to see you come to our blog daily! : )

  19. g says:

    I love this blog! Its so much fun! :) :) :) :)

  20. g says:

    I know now! When you make your smile faces you put a space be twene the eyes & mouth. Don’t put a space and it come out to be like mine! : ) (spaced) :) (not spaced)

  21. g says:

    :) :( :0 ;) :/ Its fun makeing different faces

  22. B says:

    This blog rocks!

  23. B says:

    Miss Cacace, what do you mean by we are ready to take our classroom out of our four classroom walls and explore the net?Because we already are!

  24. Miss Cacace says:

    B – Well that is what I wanted! : )

  25. B says:

    I still can’t make the faces! Boo Hoo

  26. B says:

    Same Here!

  27. Miss Cacace says:

    B – It’s okay. Just make the simple faces like me. : )

  28. M says:

    I agree! This blog is too much fun! And T- I am also sooooooooooo glad we learnt technology in 4th grade! I can tell our whole class just looooooooooves this blog!

  29. B says:

    Miss Cacace,

    What do you mean by simple faces? I can’t make any kind of faces.

  30. Q says:

    I know how to make normal faces like that:)

  31. g says:

    When are you gona put different subjets on here.:)

  32. g says:

    Hay! My face came out different.:|

  33. M says:

    I also looove this blog-T! I am also trying to answer all the posts.We have soooooooo many comments on each post! I’m sure this blog will be super successsful!

  34. B says:

    I can’t belive i’m eating lunch with dan gutman this monday! i’m soooooooooooooo excited!

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