I want to read . . .

This is a place where you can ask your classmates and teachers if they have ever read a book about a certain topic, type of character, genre, etc., that you are interested in. Maybe someone in our class has read a book like the one you are looking for, and can recommend the book to you. In your comment, post what you look for in a good book. For example, “I’m looking for a book that is science fiction, and full of adventure. I really enjoy reading about….” Good luck finding your books!

23 Responses to “I want to read . . .”

  1. BA C J says:

    I really enjoy reading about non-fiction. It really gets my attention that I am getting knowledge. Though I still like fiction.

  2. Q says:

    I really like books that have,adventure,fiction,and drama.I like these books because,sometimes there are problems in the story,and thennsomtimes I wonder what will happen next in a story!

  3. Q says:

    I also like reading books that have series!For example Harry Potter,Twitches,and A To Z Mystereis:)!

  4. Miss Cacace says:

    Try to read our HUGE selection of Magic School Bus! They are very interesting, have colorful pictures, and with true information!

  5. M says:

    I enjoy reading fiction books and these are some I would rcommend:’My Wierd School’ series by Dan Gutman and ‘Frindle’ by Andrew Clements. I had lots of fun reading these books. I hope you do too!

  6. B says:

    I Enjoy reading Mystery books but the and some series I recommend are ” Baby Sitter Club” books and ”My Wierd School Daze”.

  7. T says:

    I also love to read books. They are really fun to read. For some people I recamend reading The Disney Fairy Series. I really enjoy them.

  8. g says:

    I enjoyed reading Geronim Stilton books because they are very funny books to read and it has good adventures in it.I also like it because when he writes his books he uses diffrent print on diffrent words.

  9. T says:

    I love to read books a lot. Books are really interesting. They really get my attention. The books that get my attention the most are animal books. Also Disny Fairy books.

  10. Miss Cacace says:

    G – What are some of the titles?

  11. Miss Cacace says:

    M- Dan Gutman is coming to visit!! : ) Get your questions ready!

  12. T says:

    I am getting into new books. Some of the new books are recamended for girls only. They are American girl books. They are really interesting to me. I try to bring one home everyday. I love to read those books.

  13. o says:

    I really like mystery booksthey really catch my attention. And also it keeps me reading.

  14. T says:

    I like Disney Fairy books because they are just like mystery books. The fairy books are just as interesting as mystery books. I love them.

  15. B says:

    Same here!

  16. B says:

    What are some of the american girls titles? T?

  17. B says:

    I can’t belive Dan Gutman is coming! I’m so excited!

  18. B says:

    A series I recommend is Madison Finn books. A really good one in that series is Madison Finn#4 Caught in the Web.

  19. B says:

    Also another I recommend in the Madison Finn series is Madison Finn #22 All Shook Up.It sorta talks about Punjab culture which I think might be intresting to some of you.

  20. B says:

    A series I recommend is Magic pony Carousel this series is reccomended for girls only because it talks a little about ponies.

  21. B says:

    T- You like Disney Faries, right? Well a series you might like is Rainbow Magic series because that has faries too.

  22. B says:

    A series I reccomend is The Boxcar Children because they {the boxcar children} are always trying to solve a mystery.

  23. M says:

    T-I read the “Dinney Fairy ” series . I just can’t wait till the end of the booksto find the solution!!!! I hope they keep writing more of that series!!!!!!!!!

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