Division and Multiplication in the Real World!

Reflect on the week. Have you used division or multiplication to solve any real life situations? Share them with us!

4 Responses to “Division and Multiplication in the Real World!”

  1. B says:

    I used division because there were 3 people and 3 chocolates and they wanted to split it evenly so each person got 1 chocolate. 3/3 =1

  2. B says:

    I used multiplacation because my mom asked me how many snowflakes she put on I told her 18. But you need 4 to make 1 lantern so then she asked me how many lanterns can I make so I told hger 4 lanterns R2. So I used multiplacation because 4*4=16.

  3. BA C J says:

    I used multiplication when I was figuring out the amount of cubic units in the pencil cup. (the metalic one, gray) I used division to divide the amount of rock candy.

  4. T says:

    I saw someone using division when they were orgainizing the shelves in a store.They were making groups of 20 strawberries then putting them into a container.They were also using multiplication because after they finised they multiplied 10×20 then got the answer of 200 strawberries total in that area of the store.

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