Welcome to Third Grade!!! 2011-2012

Welcome third graders and families! I will occasionally be using our blog to post homework questions, videos, activities, and links to fun websites. Check back for more information!

4 Responses to “Welcome to Third Grade!!! 2011-2012”

  1. noor says:

    for all you new third graders: i was one of miss cacace’s old students. i will tell you one thing is that she is very nice and fun. we did many fun activities. hope you guys enjoy the rest of the school year! :)

  2. Maria Zappia says:

    I just found your blog page. I’m looking forward to future posts.

  3. Miss Cacace says:

    Noor! I miss you! Hope 6th grade is going well for you! How is 6th grade?? Come back and visit . . . not sure if you realized or not, but I teach third grade now and I have windows!!! : )

  4. Miss Cacace says:

    Yes! Blogging is a lot of fun! : )

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