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Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

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Sample Post: Tangerine By Edward Bloor

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

The novel Tangerine by Edward Bloor is about a boy, Paul Fisher, who struggles to find out the truth about his past. The Fisher Family moves to Tangerine, Florida at the beginning of the novel and Paul is forced not only to make new friends, but to deal with the quirky weather the residents encounter. A muck fire, sinkholes, deadly lightning, infected mosquitoes, freezing weather, and termites are only a few of the natural phenomena affecting Tangerine County. Also a hardship for Paul, he has been told all of his life by his brother, Erik, that he looked at a solar eclipse when he was young causing him to be partially blind. However, Paul doubts that story and begins a quest to find the truth and to prove to everyone that his brother is evil and a bully to anyone and everyone. Paul is a soccer player and wants his parents to show as much interest in his extra-curricular activities as they do in Erik’s football career. However, when Paul is kicked off the soccer team because his mom tells the school about Paul’s IEP for being partially blind, the likelihood of Paul getting more attention becomes even smaller. After the disastrous sinkhole swallows part of Lake Windsor Middle School, Paul transfers to Tangerine Middle School and convinces his mother to not tell the school about his IEP, allowing him to play on the soccer team. He meets new friends that eventually grow to accept him after he helps his friends, Tino and Theresa Cruz, as their family fights to save their tangerine grove during a big freeze. Paul finally feels like he’s beginning to define himself. He has friends, he’s helped others, he finally solves the mystery surrounding his eyesight, and his brother’s true identity is revealed to all. In terms of Paul, the novel Tangerine fits nicely with the universal theme “Identity” because Paul struggles throughout the entire novel to find out who he really is. The theme statement for this novel is: Despite obstacles you may face, never give up trying to find out who you truly are.  – KE1

(Word Count: 351)