Hello world!

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  1. Kirti Gohil says:

    Great work!!
    WOW! Rudra remembered his Ice Tunnel play when he was only 3 years old.

    All students’ published Personal Narratives are great!

    Thanks for sharing this to us.

    -Kirti Gohil

  2. Vanshika says:

    I love your beginning, I had to replay it ten times! I think all your stories should start like this.

  3. Aanshi says:


    Your story was amazing! Your title really fit your story! Your jingle was a really good one! I wish I thought of using that jingle! Great job with your story!

  4. Aanshi's Dad says:


    Your story is great! It was nice to hear this long story of you and Vanshika playing hide and seek.
    Really great job!

    Thanks a lot Ms Eiseman for sharing this.

    – Dharmpal Sharma

  5. Aanshi says:


    You did a great job on your beginning! I really liked it when you were saying, ” Why was my mom asking me to do it when she had her own two feet!” I totally have a connection with that! Great job! :) :) :) :) :)

  6. Ishika's Mom says:


    You have done an amazing job! I love the way you have explained the details, I could almost picture that moment all over again. I am glad you remember every little thing about our trip to Arizona.

    All the Personal Narratives are really good!

    Thank you Ms. Eiseman for all your hard work and sharing it with us.


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