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Welcome to SBSD Blogs.  We will be using this blog to review and discuss the wide variety of novels that you are reading.  I encourage you to use this blog to share your opinions and to start up some good conversations about books!

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Ms Fava

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Looking for a new novel to read. . .

sooooooo, I just finished the third book in The Forrest of Hands & Teeth series – loveloveloved it and then I read the newest nook in The Alchemyst series called “The Warlock” – LOVELOVELOVED it even more! Interestingly enough, I think that the mythology in the series reminds me of the tv show LOST – which I miss dearly. . .anyone else have a chance to read it?

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Block 4 recommendations continued:

The Red Pyramid

A Walk to Remember


Bud, Not Buddy

Pretty Little Liars


Secrets of My Suburban Life

Circle of Magic




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Block 1 thinks you should check out (hahaha get it? ‘check out’ hahahha):

The Protectors
The Chronicles of Vladimir Todd: 9th Grade Slays (Book 2 of series)
Take Me There
The Outsiders
The Chronicles of Vladimir Todd: 8th Grade Bites (Book 1 of series)
True Escape Stories
My Side of the Mountain
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows (Final book in the series)
Learning to Fly
Shark Girl (non-fiction)

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Block 5 recommends:

Full Tilt
The Dark Stairs
Shoeless Joe and Me
Wanted (last book in Pretty Little Liars series)
Street Love Part 2
The Dark Hills Divide
The Returnable Girl
Pictures in the Dark
Perfect Revenge
Give a Boy a Gun
Fat Vampire
Boston Celtics
The Hitchhiker
Elijah of Buxton
Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azakaban
Guys Read

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Block 4 recommendations:

East of the Moon and West of the Sun
The Alchemyst (lovelovelove)
Night of the Howling Dogs
The Throne of Fire (2nd in Red Pyramid series)
Pretty Little Liars
Charlie Bone and the Red Knight
Sabotagued (3rd in the Missing series)

to be continued. . .

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Block 3 recommended titles:

Knights of Hill Country
The Lightning Thief
The Last Olympian
And Then There Were None
Low Red Moon
A Kiss in Time
The Keys to the Kingdom – Lady Friday
The Warlock
Million Dollar Throw
Handle With Care
DaVinci Code
Pretty Tough
The Dead That Walk
Hippie Chick
The Daily Life of a Ninja (non-fiction)
No More Dead Dogs

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Block 2 author recommendations:

Dan Gutman (3x)
Jeff Kinney
Kate Thompson
Rick Riordan (5x)
Eric Nylund
Todd Strasser (2x)
Marcella Pixley
Susan Beth Pfeffer
Eion Coller
Ellen Schrieber
Jerry Spinelli
Scott Westfield
John Boyne
Louis Sachar
Anne Schraff
Jack Gantos

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Planning to blog your June 1st book talk?

Use this space to do so – and make sure to follow book talk format – spelling, punctuation, capitalization & grammar all count, so proofread before submitting!

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OMG – found a new book that I can’t put down!

Sooooooo, last week I noticed that KChen had a novel (in his pile of novels) that I had heard about last year but never got around to reading . . .so I snatched it!  He immediately noticed but let me take it home anyway!  The Alchemyst by Michael Scott – holy moly!  Remember a while ago when I wasn’t loving The Red Pyramid by R Riordan (who will be at the Princeton Market Fair Barnes & Noble this Tues @ 6 pm) – I realized that the reason I didn’t like it was b/c a lot of the story involved TELLING the reader about all of the ancient egyptian history. . .well, this novel also deals with ancient egyptian stuff, but incorporates the history into the storyline, so the reader is learning through the story, the action - not being TOLD, rather SHOWN. . .lovelovelove – will stay up to finish tonight – and I suggest the rest of you get your hands on a copy asap!

Thanks KChen!

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May 9th Book Talk

What are you reading?  Take a few minutes to share!

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