Welcome to our class blog!

Welcome to SBSD Blogs.  We will be using this blog to review and discuss the wide variety of novels that you are reading.  I encourage you to use this blog to share your opinions and to start up some good conversations about books!

Just a reminder, here are some of our basic guidelines:

* We will not be using our real names, initials and block number only (JF3 or JF4).

* All posts must follow our school Acceptable Use Policy.

* Be respectful of the opinions of your classmates.


Ms Fava

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47 Responses to Welcome to our class blog!

  1. RS/3 says:

    I am super excited about this blog!! It is going to be great, I cannot wait to talk about all of the awesome novels that I have read.

  2. ICB3 says:

    I think this is a great idea! Is this going to be discussed in class later on this trimester? I can’t wait to talk about the Percy Jackson series :) and all the other books I have read…

  3. LLL says:

    This is going to be a fantastic blog. Ms. Fava is an awesome teacher!

  4. AK3 says:

    This is a comment.

    Are we supposed to be able to see other peoples initials?

  5. sk3 says:

    Has anyone ever read the book Love, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli? I read the first book, Stargirl, and it wasn’t too bad so i’m reading the second book in the series. i’m not sure if it’s gonna be good though.

  6. SK4 says:

    This blog is going to be good GREAT! !

  7. DS4 says:

    I’m pretty excited about this whole thing! Hopefully, this will make the slackers read more books, so we can DOMINATE in the P.A.T.T.E.R.N.S assembly :D

  8. SA4 says:

    I think this is a great idea. Are we going to be able to post our book talks on this blog?

  9. AAB4 says:

    I read a book over the break called Malice.
    Its about these kids going into a comic called Malice and once they’ve entered, its extremely difficult to get out. And if they do get out, they go insane. (crazy)
    Its like a comic and a book combined
    Not too long, about 300+ pages
    Great for all those people are into dark and scary books.

  10. LLL says:

    Here is code for a Spring countdown. Just want to see what this post will do with it.

    Spring Countdown

  11. em1 says:

    i read the book called speak by laurie halse anderson and i thought it was pretty good. its about this girl who went to a part and called the cops which broke it up and now everyone hates her for it and she starts to deal with it. i thought it was a good book but a little slow paced and i would recommend it to anyone really

  12. az1 says:

    what good books are out there?

    • jennifer.fava says:

      Have you read the Catching Fire series?? Action-packed, interesting, the type of book/series that you can’t put down! I also loveloveloved Unwind by Neil Shusterman – a lot of kids in the unit have read both!

    • PM1 says:

      For a good short read I would recommend the Wiley and Grandpa series a quick fun short read. For a longer book I would recommend the book Getting Air by Dan Gutman

  13. az1 says:

    I just stopped reading my new book “Jacked” it is not catchy – I do not recommend it!

  14. OI2 says:

    Ms. Fava if you were to pick 1 book of your favorite from the Hunger Games Series which would it be?

    • jennifer.fava says:

      another tough question – I think I loved them all for different reasons, so it would be impossible for me to choose! Go Katniss & Peeta!!

  15. OI2 says:

    Ms. Fava did you ever read the Percy Jackson series? If you did which is your favorite book?

  16. OI2 says:

    Ms. Fava which series is your favorite: The Harry Potter series by JK Rowling or
    The Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer?

    • jennifer.fava says:

      Definitely, hands down, the Harry Potter series – especially the last of the series when draco’s mom has to check if harry is dead – and when she leans down she whispers to him, “Is Draco alive?” and Harry tell her he is & the she pretends that Harry is dead. . .which eventually leads to Voldemort’s demise. . .lovelovelove

  17. AJ1 says:

    Mrs.Fava, which book would you say you would reccomend to anyone in our unit finding it hard to get into another good book for reading, I’m just about to finish my books and I’m not set on what to read yet?

  18. KB5 says:

    “The roof buckled and three huge metal fingers tore through the skin of the car like a fork through an eggshell, trailing dust and sunlight. One of the fingers grazed the side of his head… any closer and it would have cracked his skull. Alex yelled as blood trickled over his eye. He tried to move, then was jerked back a second time as the car was yanked off the ground and tilted high up in the air.”
    The book I read was called Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz.
    This book is about a boy named Alex Rider. His last family member alive was killed during a mission on stopping the release of the new computer called Stormbreaker. the computer gave a virus that could killed anybody how who turned on the computer. Now it is Alex’s job to pick up the mission from were his uncle finished off from. Mission: about 5% life and 95% death. Don’t Get Caught!
    I liked this book because it was very suspenseful, interesting, and adventurous. This book was also very had to put down. I would recommend this book book to everybody because I know that whoever picks up this book will have a very hard time putting it down.
    Will Alex live the dangerous obstacles thrown at him while doing the mission or will he die an excruciating death? Read the book to find out!

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