May 9th Book Talk

What are you reading?  Take a few minutes to share!

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  1. AJ1 says:

    Eleventh Grade Burns- Heather Brewer (only read if you read the first books in the series of The Chronicles Of Vladimir Tod.

  2. PG2 says:

    Would you want to learn how a NBA team became good after a rough season? Well, the book I read was The New Jersey Nets. This is a non-fiction book. In the book it talks about the team players being traded, and how to team got the good players on to their team. Also, it talks about the championships the team went to. Another thing the book explains is the ownership changes and the coach changes which made the team more succesful. The book mostly explains the history of this amazing team and how it overcame their challenges. The book also talks about how this team got into the NBA. I would recommend this book to Nets fans and any age. Also, if they want to know the history of this team and how it came together. How would you feel if you were a owner of a professional basketball team?

  3. NR4 says:

    I am still reading Beastly and that is all I have been reading so for the book talk, can I do Beastly even if i havent finished it yet?

  4. NK1 says:

    OPENING: “He was sitting in the bushplane roaring seven thousand feet above the northern wilderness with a pilot who had suffered a major heart attack and who was either dead or in something close to a coma. He was alone.”
    TITLE: Hatchet
    AUTHOR: Gary Paulsen
    SUMMARY: This book is about a thirteen-year-old boy named Brian Robeson who is going to visit his father in Canada. On his way, his pilot has a heart attack and dies and the single engine plane crashes. Brian survives but he is now alone in the Canadian wilderness with only the hatchet his mother gave him as a present. He tries to survive in the wilderness by building a shelter and finding food, but he also has to deal with his parents’ divorce. Finally, after two months of surviving in the wilderness and maturing about his parents’ problems, something incredible happens….
    IMPRESSION: Hatchet is a book that shows the determination of a young boy. He was able to survive the wilderness with only a few materials. As I read, I realized how Brian dealt with situations using his head and bare hands. I would recommend this novel because it shows how someone who stays focused can accomplish anything, or in Brian’s case survive.
    CLOSING: Imagine being alone in the wilderness for a long time, what skills would you use to survive?

  5. NR4 says:


    The book I read was “Beastly” by Alex Flinn.

    Kyle Kingsbury was a rich, gorgeous guy in New York City. He was the guy in school everybody wanted to be…until he was turned into a beast by a witch, Kendra. The only way to turn back to his normal self is to find a girl who loves him, despite his looks. She has to love him, he has to love her back, and the only way to break the spell is to have a kiss. Kyle Kingsbury has two years or else he will be a beast forever.

    I thought the book was OUTSTANDING. Alex Flinn gave great details and amazing imagery. I would recommend Beastly to people who like modern day twists on fairy tales. Beastly is another take on Beauty and the Beast but it is better. If you like fairy tales and how people have to learn lessons it would be a great book for you!

    “I AM A BEAST. A BEAST! Not quite wolf or bear, gorilla or dog but a horrible new creature who walks upright. I am a monster.” (back cover of book)

  6. AA B4 says:

    The past was past. Except here she was in Egypt, and everywhere she turned, the very air seemed to whisper that the past was very much alive…

    The book I chose to read is a continuant of the series: The 39 Clues: Book 4: Beyond the Grave. The book was written by Jude Watson

    Basically, the book shows how Amy and Dan’s adventure takes them all the way to Cairo, Egypt. Here will they face several challenges in tombs, crypts, and the Nile River. Within these adventures, they confront many of the other competitors in the race for the 39 clues… The competitors? All relatives of the now passed, Grace Cahill. Some of the competitors are: The Holt Family, Alistair Oh, Irina Spansky, and Jonah Wizard. With their au pair, Nellie Gomez, they must carefully search for the clue left behind by a long, lost ancestor, Katherine Cahill. When Amy and Dan start to figure out that they aren’t the only ones that are willing to die for the prize at the end, their skills are pushed to the breaking point.

    I liked this book just as much as the other 3 books in the series that I have read so far. I would recommend this book to anyone. Not only is it a short read, it is a book that you will be done with so fast, you still have time to read the other books in the series. To add on, you should read this book because it will help you read the whole 11 book series. That 11 PATTERNS forms right there, so it would be a great way to get those forms filled out! It well help you in reading a good book, and to help us win PATTERNS!

    Amy and Dan worked so hard to get this far, and when they are certain that what they have done wasn’t half of it, they don’t know how much more they can take. Will Dan and Amy find they determination deep inside of them to continue on in the race, or will they DIE trying? Read the book(s) to find out!

    • SB4 says:

      I read this book too! I’m on the sixth one right now. I have to say that so far this one is one of my favorite in the series.

    • NA2 says:

      i read this one also it was the best so far in the series i am on number 5 i hope ii could finish the series by the end of the month

      • AA B4 says:

        Im glad you love the series so far, but I reading the series because I just got The Throne of Fire – Rick Riordon. I finished it and its a great sequel to The Red Pyramid. Now, I’m currently reading Ender Game’s by Orson Scott Card. Its a great book, easy to find in the library, and a great book….

    • ICB3 says:

      Which number book is this and what does it have to do with Egypt? Is there any Egyptian Mythology in it?

      • sc5 says:

        The Throne of Fire is book two and The Red Pyramid is book one. Yes, it does have Egyptian Mythology and that is what the books have to do with Egypt.

  7. AD3 says:

    What would you do if the Earth was suddenly demolished and you learned your friend was an alien?
    The book I read was The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams. This book is about Arthur Dent, an average guy, who is saved by his friend Ford Prefect (actually an alien) after the Earth is destroyed by the Vogons. This novel is about the pair of them traveling through outer space and trying to survive, until they encounter Ford’s cousin, Zaphod Beeblebrox, President of the Galaxy. When they are with Zaphod, they venture out into the galaxy to find Magrathea, a planet holding the secrets to making your own planet. This book didn’t really have a main plot, but just went on without a real climax or middle part of the book. It hints on becoming about Magrathea and the planet-making, then completely abandons the idea and moves on to something about The Answer To The Universe. Despite this disappointment it was still an enjoyable book because of the comedic characters and the different things Arthur experiences throughout the book.
    Although I mostly liked this book, I would not recommend it unless you intend on reading the whole series. The reason being, the ending kind of leaves you hanging as soon as you finally think there is going to be a real plot to this story.
    What will Arthur and his friends discover on the mysterious Magrathea? Will they find the secret to how the Magratheans created their own planets, or discover something even bigger?

  8. AB4 says:

    “He knew eventually the lights would rush up at him, and he’d feel as if this whole body was being torn apart, down to each individual atom. And then he’d land, and sohe’d sort of feel like himself again. After a while. He knew all that, but it was still horrifying to fall, and fall, and fall.”
    The book I read was Sabotaged by Margaret Peterson Haddix. Jonah and Katherine have to go back in time once again and help their freind Andrea who is actually Virginia Dare, the first child born in the colonies. Only this time they must go to the lost colony of Roanoke. It was the first settlement in the New World by the English but one day, it just vanished. After losing the Elucidator in the time void. Jonah, Katherine, and Andrea have no idea where or even when they are! Against all odds, without proper food, water, or supplies, they must solve the mystery on where the Roanoke Colony disappeared. However, they soon learn a terrible secret. They had been deliberately sabotaged!
    This book was a great novel and I would recommend it to anyone who likes adventure, thrillers,Sci-Fi, and action all thrown into one amazing book! Since the day I checked this out from the library I could not put it down! It had kept me on the edge of my seat from dawn till dusk enjoying every enticing moment of suspense on every page! I just thought that this was the best book in the Missing series because of all the plot twists you won’t see coming!
    Suddenly Jonah really wanted to remind Andrea that he and Katherine had already proved that they could save history and save missing kids, all at once, even when the time experts thought it was impossible. They’d managed to save Chip and Alex from the 1480s, hadn’t they? Jonah started to smile back at Andrea and was working up what he wanted to say to her: something suave but casual and not too conceited-sounding . . . . Did, Don’t be scared. I’ll take care of you sound stupid?

  9. KW5 says:

    If you lost your arm in a tragic accident, would you still continue to pursue the sport you love doing? I read Soul Surfer by Bethany Hamilton. This book is about Bethany Hamilton’s inspiring life story about her surfing career before and after her arm was taken by a shark, as well as her social life and faith in god. I thought his book was amazing. It was extremely inspiring and overall a very interesting real-life story. I would recommend this to anybody and everybody who needs some inspiration. If anyone is going through a tough time in their life or feels as though they can’t do something or accomplish something, this book will definitely give them the hope they need to do something. Will Bethany’s life ever be the same again?

  10. em1 says:

    what would you do if everyone in school hated you?
    the book i read was stargirl by jerry spinelli
    this book is about how a girl named stargirl comes to Mica High school in Arizona. it shares her time in school as seen through the eyes of leo borlock.
    i thought that this book was very good and i would reccomend it to girls mostly because has a lot of romance.
    what do you think will happen to stargirl?

  11. You never feel so alone until somebody excludes you. This is how Zee feels in the book Zee’s Way By Kristen Butcher. Zee and his friends are not allowed to shop at a shopping center because they look different from everyone else. So what do they decide to do but to write graphitte on a wall to express their side of the story. But what do the owners do but cover it up and don’t listen to the message behind it. So once againt they try graphitte and guess what. Zee gets caught and blackmailed into doing a mural or they will send him to jail for defacing private property. So Zee decideds that if they wont listen to graphitte then maybe they will listen to the murel. So what Zee does is use a metaphor and paint it to show what really happened. When they all relize it is just a misunderstanding the store owners let them shop there and don’t treat them differently than anyone else. In closing I would reccomend this book because it really shows that violence doesn’t have to be used to solve a problem. Talking and listening can work wonders if you give it a try.

  12. DP1 says:

    How would you feel if you had been set back in time to change the past? The book I read was Sent by Margaret Peterson Haddix. This book is the second of the series, the missing. This book starts off where the first one ended, Jonah, Chip, Alex, and Katherine were heading back in time to the 15th century, where they needed to save Jonah and Chip from dieing. Jonah and Chip were both part of the missing, a group of children that were kidnapped from their time period. All of this children had once been a famous person in history. Chip was the great Edvard V, the king of England during the 15th century and Alex was his younger brother, Richard, Duke of York. Jonah and Katherine must save their friends from the fate that had came to them in the past. This book was a really great page-turner and I couldn’t stop reading it. It was packed with action and lots of suspense and twist. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series! Do you think Jonah and Katherine will save their friends from the horrible fate that succumbed to them in the past? Read the book to find out!!!!!!!!!!

  13. SG2 says:

    Have you ever been stuck on a problem so hard that you thought that the answer was impossible to find? That is how Percy feels when he gets some bad news from his friend Annabeth.

    The book I read was Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan. It is the sequel to The Lightning Thief. Percy Jackson’s seventh grade year was unusually quiet, that it until his last day of school. His school day ends with a game of dodgeball against cannibal giants. After school, Percy gets a surprise visit from his friend Annabeth, who tells Percy that camp Half- Blood’s borders have been poisoned. The cause of the poisoning is unknown, and there is only one way to cure it, acquire the golden fleece. So Percy, Annabeth, and Tyson set out on a dangerous quest to find the golden fleece before all hope is lost.

    I really liked this book, it is fast- paced and intriguing all the way through. I would recommend this book to anybody who read The Lightning Thief and anybody who likes action or adventure.

    Do you think they will find the golden fleece and get it to camp in time? Read the book to find out!!!

  14. SB4 says:

    Imagine if you had a choice- a choice to take a million dollars and walk away or go on a journey that can lead you to the secret of accomplishing alchemy, but results including death. What would you chose?

    The book I read was “The Sword Thief” by Peter Lerangis. This is the third book of the 39 Clues Series. In this book, Dan and Amy Cahill continue there journey across the land to find the rest of the clues. The last clue they found gave them a lead and told them to go to Japan, thus going on a deadly journey. While at Japan, they make many alliances but eventually get betrayed. They are put in life threatening situations, almost about to die. 

    Personally, I liked this book. It was very interesting. It was a quick read and was very enjoyable. Peter Lerangis has done a great job on the book and does a great continuation. I would recommend this book to anyone who has started the 39 Clues serious because it progressively gets better. Also, I would recommend it to anyone who likes mystery, adventure, action, and humor, because it was a good mix of all those genres. 

    Will Dan and Amy prevail or perish from their evil relatives and die an unthinkable and horrendous death?

    READ THE BOOK!!!!!  

  15. at2 says:

    BOOK TALK!!!!
    You probley never even notice the complex system on how roads and highways are built even though there a complex infostructure of themselves.
    The book i have read is Roads and highways by,Lynn M. Stone
    This book is about how roads and highways are built three things i have learned from this book is that roads have different names like parkway, turnpike etc… and they are named theses many names due to where the road or highway is located. Another thing i have learned from this book is that roads have been built even before cars were even a thought because the ancient Romans built roads which some are still being used today! One last thing i have learned from this book is that only some roads are built by private builders and the most of them are built by our government.
    I would recommend this book to any one who is just curious about learning about roads and highways just as i was when i picked this book of the shelf. Its also a quick and fun read to learn about something that’s in our daily lives in fact our buses even ride on then. Who would your daily life be affected without roads?

  16. BM2 says:

    How would you feel if your mother recently died and suddenly there were spirits following you? What would you do? The book i read is called “I so don’t do mysteries” by Barrie Summy. Sherry was about to be shipped off to San Diego while her widowed dad went, Sherry Holmes Baldwin prepares to put up a fight when she is contacted by her mother’s ghost. Killed in the line of duty, her police-mom is flunking out of an
    ‘afterlife law-enforcement academy’, and she needs Sherry’s help to crack a case at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. Read on to see what Sherry does when she gets to San Diego.

  17. NC4 says:

    “In nineteen minutes, you can mow the front lawn, color your hair, watch a third of a hockey game. In nineteen minutes, you can bake scones or get a tooth filled by a dentist; you can fold laundry for a family of five. Nineteen minutes is how long it took the Tennesse Titans to sell our of tickets to the play-offs. It’s the length of a sitcom, minus the commercials. It’s the driving distance from the Vermont border to the town of Sterling, New Hampshire. In nineteen minutes, you can order a pizza and get it delivered. You can read a story to a child or have your oil changed. You can walk a mile. You can sew a hem. In nineteen minutes, you can stop the world, or you can just jump off it. In nineteen minutes, you can get revenge.”

    The book I read was Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult.

    It follows the lives of many characters, including high-schooler Josie Cormier, her mother, Judge Alex Cormier, Detective Patrick Ducharme, Lawyer Jordan McAfee, high-school-student-turned-murderer Peter Houghton, and his parents Lacy and Lewis Houghton. Peter was bullied all of his life, but when he was little he had his best friend, Josie, to stick up for him. When she becomes friends with the popular kids, he is left abandoned, betrayed. And when one incident pushes him past the breaking point, he snaps. He had been planning this for weeks before, playing out his plans in a game he created online. On the morning of March 6, he enters Sterling High, and kills 10 people, injuring many more. Josie’s boyfriend was killed in the shooting, and she has no one to rely on, since she was never close to her mother, a judge assigned to the case. Her mother, Detective Patrick Ducharme (the detective assigned to the case), the students of Sterling High, and all of Sterling itself are shaken to the core, left to try to cope with the loss. Jordan McAfee, the lawyer defending Peter, tries to make life easier on Peter, because after all, there is always more than one side to a story, right? As the trial uncovers the truth, Sterling is scarred forever.

    I really really love this book! It is soooo well written, and really is amazing! It shows the harshness of bullying, and shows how every single thing you do to someone can slowly break them down. One of my favorite books up to date!

    “By the time you read this, I hope to be dead. You can’t undo something that’s happened; you can’t take back a word that’s already been said out loud. You’ll think about me and wish that you had been able to talk me out of this. You’ll try to figure out what would have been the one right thing to say, to do. I guess I should tell you, ‘Don’t blame yourself; this isn’t your fault,’ but that would be a lie. We both know that I didn’t get here by myself. You’ll cry at my funeral. You’ll say it didn’t have to be this way. You will act like everyone expectws you to. But will you miss me? More importantly – will i miss you? Does either one of us really want to hear the answer to that question?”

  18. OI2 says:

    Here is my book-talk for May 9th: By: Omar Ismail
    All year the half-bloods have been preparing for battle against the Titans, knowing the odds of a victory are grim. Kronos’s army is stronger than ever, and with every god and half-blood he recruits, the evil Titan’s power only grows.
    While the Olympians struggle to contain the rampaging monster Typhon, Kronos begins his advance on New York City, where Mount Olympus stands virtually unguarded. Now it’s up to Percy Jackson and an army of young demigods to stop the Lord of Time. The long-awaited prophecy surrounding Percy’s sixteenth birthday unfolds. And as the battle for Western civilization rages on the streets of Manhattan, Percy faces a terrifying suspicion that he may be fighting against his own fate. The book I read was The Last Olympian By: Rick Riordan. Percy Jackson, his friends, and the Olympians fight in a war resembling the original war between the Greek gods and the Titans. Prometheus notes during a parley between him and Percy that the battle for Manhattan is like the Battle of Troy, except that now Olympus is Troy. Percy leaves again with Nico, son of Hades, to find out how he might stand a chance against Luke/Kronos when the time comes. After visiting Luke’s mother and talking with Hestia, Percy procures a blessing from his mother, descends into the Underworld for the second time, and bathes in the River Styx like Achilles and Luke before him. He leaves Nico behind to convince his father to participate in the war , and returns to the surface. Percy organizes the demigod campers, and prepares for an urban battle. Before the battle starts, New York City is silenced by way of a powerful sleeping spell by Morpheus, god of dreams. Despite being joined by the the Hunters of Artemis, satyrs, naiads, dryads, and other tree nymphs, Chiron’s centaur cousins the Party Ponies, automatons fashioned by the late Daedalus, and the hell-hound Mrs. O’Leary, Percy’s forces are consistently forced back by sheer numbers. Kronos is not without losses, as Percy buffets the Titan Lord’s brother, Hyperion into submission, from where Grover’s nature spirits encase the Titan of the East in a massive maple tree. Rachel, a mortal who can see through the Mist, flies from a family vacation to NYC to tell Percy that he is not the hero of the Great Prophecy, and that it will influence his choice when he turns 16.
    Driven back to the blocks surrounding the Empire State building, Percy and his friends fight in a last stand to protect Mount Olympus from the massive army Kronos has grouped together. Even when Hades arrives with his undead army, Kronos still manages to break through and enter Olympus. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone because it is the greatest!!!!!!! Do you think Percy Jackson could defeat Kronos since he’s already in Olympus. Read the book to find out.

  19. OI2 says:

    Ms. Fava have you read the Lost Hero by Rick Riordan? If you did do you think there should be a second book for it?

    • jennifer.fava says:

      I did read The Lost Hero – at first I thought it was just going to be another book like the Percy Jackson series – using the same plot/character formula to make himself more money – but once I got into the story, I LOVELOVELOVED it! Though it is similiar, the storyline was different enough to maintain my interest – and I HOPEHOPEHOPE there is a second novel in the series some time soon!

      • sc5 says:

        there’s supposed to be a continuation for The Lost Hero. it comes out sometime in September and i believe it’s called The Son Of Neptune. can’t wait for it to come out.

      • I.S block 1 says:

        there is a second series, its called ‘the son of neptune’ and its coming out in september or october! i think it’s mostly about percy jackson and his time at the roman camp!

        • sc5 says:

          that’s what i pretty much said. Neptune is the roman name for the sea god. Poseidon is the Greek name for him. Poseidon is Percy’s father so… Neptune = Poseidon the title is basically saying “Percy: the son of Poseidon/Neptune” what other young demigod do you know that is the son of Poseidon in the series.

  20. OI2 says:

    Can you upload an image instead of it appearing as a shadow of a human? That would be cool.

  21. JH3 says:

    Good and evil are colliding: forces are clanging and swords are clashing. The book I read is The Two Swords by R.A. Salvatore. Led by King Obould, the most brutal and horrendous race, the orcs, are massing up by the thousands and have taken over a solid chunk of the land possessed by the fair races (elves, humans, and dwarves). In order to defeat the orcs, Obould, covered in unpenetrable armor, most fall. Only one drow of legendary abilities can kill him- Drizzit Do’urden. I really like the book because of all the fighting and I would recommend it. Will Drizzit pierce the invincible armor and slay the king or will he die trying?

  22. MJ3 says:

    How would you feel if you were to travel back into time and get an secret potion to cure your mother?

    The book I read was Artemis Fowl:The Time Paradox by Eoin Colfer

    Basically, it is about how Artemis’s mother has been diagnosed with some sort of disease and magic is not option for curing it. Next, they go back into time to change what happened in the earlier years and try to obtain the lemur to cure his mother. During this, many events take place such as being held hostage. Lastly, Opal follows them back into the future and frauds the identity of Aretmis’s mother.

    The book was okay. It had not a very strong plot and it was suspensful and action-packed. It started off slow and as soon as it got near the middle it picked up pace.

    Do you think Artemis will be able to take back what was his and save his mom?


  23. RG3 says:

    You and a group of friends have just come home from a camping trip. But, when you got back nothing was as it seemed. It’s to quiet and all of the houses in town are abandoned. No one is home and all the pets were left to die, even electricity is cut off. It’s only you and your friends left.
    The book I read is called “Tomorrow, When the War Began” and its by John Marden.
    This book is about a girl named Ellie and a group of her friends who just came back from a camping trip and everyone from their town is gone. They have been trying to find out where everyone is and the see that everyone from the town of Wirawee is being held captive at the Showground by some foreign army. Now its up to these few kids to save their families and the rest by sneaking around and not getting caught and especially avoid being killed.
    I really liked this book. It was really interesting and it was funny at times. But, it was really intense and it was like a mystery. This book made you feel like you were actually in the scene where the war was happening. I would recomend this book to anyone and everyone to read.
    Will Ellie and her friends be able to save their families and the rest of the country, or will their country never be the same again?

  24. SN5 says:

    Imagine having to move to a new school because of one little fight that you had with your boyfriend.Not only do you have to move to this new school you take some placement tests and the teacher tells you that you have mild dyslexia. The book that I read was My Time As Caz Hazard by Tanya Lloyd Kyi. This book is about a girl named Caz. Caz moves to a new school and finds out that she has dyslexia, because of the dyslexia she is in a special help class where all of the kids are called speds. There she meets Amanda. Caz and Amanda team up to do all sorts of bad things, until something terrible happens. I liked this book a lot because it was suspenseful and I would recommend it to anyone. Read My Time As Caz Hazard to find out what this terrible tragedy is.

  25. AK3 says:

    Your cruising down the freeway, everythings perfect, its nice and quiet. Its gonna be a good day. Suddenly, a crash of metal, the sound of cars colliding, and the world goes black. You wake up in a tunnel, and see a blinding white light. You make your way towards the light, slowly, but surely. Except you never make it.

    The book I read was Everlost by Neil Shusterman. It’s about two kids, Nick and Alice, (mostly Alice) as they make their way through Everlost. Everlost is a place inbetween life and death, where you can’t feel any physical pain, and time is endless. Thousands of kids have made homes in Everlost, and some have been in Everlost for decades. Alice is looking for a way to go home, or just to get where she was headed, into the tunnel and into the white light. Along their way they meet monsters, princesses, tricks they can play on living people, and more.

    I liked the book a lot, and I saw that you put it up on your blog too, so it must be pretty popular one too. It made you keep on reading, and something new was going on on every page. I would recommend it to anyone who can read.

    Will they ever make it?

  26. Jp 5 says:

    Opening: I can’t believe I’m sitting in this room again. I want you to know that this is just the most humiliating thing that ever happened to me in me in my entire life. I’m not a criminal! It was an accident. We’re sorry. None of us knew it was going to get out of control, I swear! I have worked so hard all my life to get good grades and sign up for lots of extracurricular activities and go to church and always go the right thing.
    Title: Return Of The Homework Machine
    Author: Dan Gutman
    Summary: This book is about some kids name Snik, Brenton, Judy, and Kelsey. They didn’t really talk to each other since last year’s big homework-machine humiliation. But they start meeting and talking to each other again when Brenton realizes that the most powerful part of the homework machine (Something that lets you cheat on your homework) was never really destroyed. And there is someone who wants to use the machine for more than cheating. So, they get back together to stop the offender. But first they have to solve a mystery of a hidden treasure. Read the book to find out what is going to happen in the story.
    Impression: I thought this book was funny and boring at some point, but the book was really interesting. I would recommend this book to other students who like mysteries.
    Closing: Would you make a Homework machine in first place?

  27. JA3 says:

    “The ad plane circled again.
    One hundred thousand dollars!
    With one hundred thousand dollars, Robert could buy several motorboats and start a hauling business.
    But he couldn’t remember: Was Antarctica north or south?”
    The book I read was “No Child’s Game: Reality TV 2083″, by Andrea White, and it’s about these five kids, Robert, Polly, Andrew, Grace, and Billy, who are chosen to recreate Robert E. Scott’s expedition to the South Pole in 1912 almost a hundred years later on a reality tv show where the contestants can really die.
    I really enjoyed this book, you could really feel the characters’ voices and you got sucked into the story and all, and if you liked the Hunger Games series you’ll love this book. . .
    “We had fuel to make two cups of tea apiece and bare food for two days on the 20th. Every day we have been ready to start for our depot 11 miles away, but outside the door of the tent it remains a scene of whirling drift. I do not think we can hope for any better things now. We shall stick it out to the end, but we are getting weaker, of course, and the end cannot be far. It seems a pity, but I do not think I can write more. —R. Scott.
    Last entry.
    For God’s sake look after our people.”

  28. EH1 says:

    I dont know where to put my booktalk so I will just put it here!

    Imagine living isolated from the world with enderly grandmother then all of the sudden being dumped right smack in the middle of civilization. The book I read was Schooled by Gordon Korman. Capricorn Anderson has never been to a school, a mall, or even a pizza shop. He lived with only his grandmother, untill she breaks her hip and he is forced to go to a real school. In which kids make fun of him, tease him and even spitball him. For Cap, life is a living nightmare. This was a really good book that keeps you reading all the way through. Do you think Cap will make it through the year?

  29. ng4 says:

    “The Big Time”
    by Tim Green

    Imagine being offered millions of dollars to work for an NFL team. You get all the fame, you get interviewed on TV, etc. But in return, you have to give up your hometown, your friends, your favorite team, etc. The book I read was “The Big Time” by Tim Green, and basically, this story is about Troy, a 12 year old boy who is able to figure out the other teams’ plays, just by watching the game (he’s considered a Football Genius), is reunited with his long lost dad, Drew. Because Troy needed a lawyer for his Football Genius skill, he hired his dad as a lawyer. So he flies to New York to make a decision: he can either sign with the New York Jets, and make millions of dollars, or he can not take the deal, and continue working with the Falcons and only make $10,000 per week. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in football because this whole story is based on football. Do you think Troy will take the big deal which can make him a multimillionaire, or will he decline the offer and continue working with the Falcons?

  30. WL4 says:

    “Bailey Morgan isn’t the type of girl who shows a lot of skin, but somehow, she ends up in a dressing room at the mall with her friend Delia applying a temporary tattoo to her lower back. Never one to suffer fashion doubt, trendsetter Delia knows exactly where she wants her own tattoo: on her stomach, right where her shirt ends – can you say “midriff”? Annabelle, the quiet one, chooses the back of her neck, and tomboy Zo plasters hers on the top of her foot. The tattoos will last for three days, and Delia’s sure that with them, the four friends will absolutely kill at the school dance…”

    The book I read is called Tattoo by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. It is about how Bailey and her friends try to figure out what is happening to them. While Bailey is passing out all the time now, she receives some of the answers. But, they have a time limit. In the three days their temporary tattoos last, they have to find Alecca, and stop her from conquering the world, and killing innocent, sweet, little children.

    I really liked this book. It was mystical, yet still realistic, and definitely very funny. I would recommend it to anyone, because it’s just sooooooooo good. And I really loved how it’s fast paced. (Oh, and there is also a sequel, called Fate.)

    “…Unfortunately, killing is just what someone has in mind, and Bailey, Delia, Annabelle, and Zo are in for the battle of their lives. Along with her tattoo, each girl receives a gift – a supernatural power to help them in their fight. As Bailey’s increasingly frightening dreams reveal the nature of their enemy, it becomes clear to the girls that it’s up to them to save the world. And if they can get Delia to stop using her newfound power to turn gum wrappers into Prada pumps, they might actually stand a chance.”

  31. BC5 says:

    “Here is the clever, funny, and heartwarming tale of a brilliant hamster, who insists on leading an exceptional life.”
    The book i read was I, Freddy by Dietlof Reiche.
    The book is about a hamster that is one of ten other hamsters, and is later bought and given to a girl named Sophie. But the mom hates Sophie’s hamster Freddy. later in the book the Freddy mom ends up making Sophie give Freddy to Mr. John (her dads friend) and put in his apartment. Freddy wants to be with Sophie again.
    I liked the book because of the adventure and would recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure stories.
    So, do you think Freddy will be back together with Sophie or will he be stuck with Mr. John.

  32. RA3 says:

    Imagine that you’re a superhuman that isn’t even human. You were created by evil scientists. The corrupt company took over the whole city. Six was created to destroy any opposer to this. Instead he started working for the good guys and is one of the most known person in the city. The book i read was Remote Control by Jack Heath. In this book of the series “The Lab” agent six has to rescue his brother Kyntak. It’s about the struggles six goes through and the fighting he has to do to save his brother. A great book. I would recommend this book to people who like action. I loved it, it was a page turner, full of suspense. How would you feel if every second and decision you make is a life and death situation? Wouldn’t be fun!!!

    • I.S block 1 says:

      WOW! sounds like a really good book, i wonder if it’s in the public library? if it is, i am so reading that!

    • sc5 says:

      It does sound good. i’ll have to look for it. btw you can’t be a super human if you’re not human. it’s more like robot or something maybe alien. sort of…
      and how does he have a brother if he’s not human.

  33. SC73 says:

    By: Stephanie Meyer

    Imagine yourself at age 17, married to a vampire, being a vampire, and having a half human and half vampire child. By now you know, life isn’t normal, and its never going to be. But though life isn’t normal, it isn’t terrible, right? Wrong. Now you, along with the rest of your family, is about to die, and its all because of your innocent little daughter.
    When the Volturi, an evil vampire family, come searching after Bella and her family, she knows that this is no ordinary visit. In fact, the reason they are coming: to kill Bella along with her family and daughter, Renesmee. Why? Because Renesmee (as the Volturi think) is an immortal newborn child. Apparently, newborn immortals were against the vampire laws, and the only way to stop this, is if Renesmee were destroyed. Not only will the Volturi kill Renesmee, but they are also going to kill Bella and her family for ‘producing’ Renesmee. Bella, as a mother, is heart broken. She knows only she can save her daughter and family. As a new vampire though, Bella doesn’t know much. She barely knows how to control her protective shield, much less be able to save her family. Does she even have the ability to save them? Its all up to Bella…
    I really liked this book because its a real page turner with loads of action and suspence. I would recommend this book to mostly girls though, because it has some romance in it, which I’m not too sure boys find interesting. :P
    So what do you think? Will Bella be successful in her mission or will she end up killing herself and the rest of her family?

  34. WA5 says:

    Patterns Book Talk
    When Troy White proved his remarkable”football genius” to the Atlanta Falcons, they brought him on board as a team consultant. Now, thanks to Troy’s ability to predict winning plays, the Falcons are pulling in victories. Troy loves his starring role behind the scenes and the thrill of having NFL star linebacker Seth Halloway (who’s dating Troy’s mom) to coach his own Duluth Tigers team on their way to a state championship.
    Then Troy’s perfect world comes crashing down. Reporter Brent Peele is out to smear as much mud on the Falcons as he can, and that means going after Troy. The vicious media storm that descends on the football genius threatens not only his job with the Falcons and the Tigers’ run at a championship but his mother’s career – and Seth’s -as well.
    I read Football Champ by Tim Green; this book has a genre of realistic fiction. In the plot of this book three main things happen. First, I’ve already told about Troy’s special ability which allows him to correctly predict what play will be run or what the defense will do. Next, Troy runs into a problem, his perfect worlds. Finally, this entire book is about how Troy and his two friends, Tate and Nathan, go about proving that troy is a football genius to the Atlanta Falcons.
    I thought this book was funny and a very exciting page turner with great use of cliffhangers. I would recommend this book to any sports fans who like a good read that they could maybe relate to in a couple ways. This is the sequel to football genius, to understand the story you must read the
    Together with his best friends, loyal Nathan and feisty Tate, Troy sets out to unmask the dishonest Peele-and save Seth’s reputation-no matter what the risk.

  35. sc5 says:

    Have you ever thought there was such a thing as magic candy? Mrs. White has some. From moon rocks that makes you weightless to the trick candy sun stones that turn gravity against you.
    I read The Candy Shop Wars by Brandon Mull.
    The Sweet Tooth Ice Cream And Candy Shoppe just opened and it’s run by an innocent looking old lady named Mrs. White. Summer, Pigeon, Trevor, and Nate go in to look but then Mrs. White mentions her “special candy”. That triggers this huge chain reaction that leads to a surprising ending you don’t expect.
    When I first looked at this book I thought it was weird. I read it because my sister was going to read it so I decided to read it too. The title makes you expect something totally different than what the story is. Once I read the book, I found it to be really good because it had a lot of adventure and towards the end you have no idea how the book is going to end. I would recommend this to anyone.
    Mrs. White isn’t as innocent as she seems. She’s asking Summer, Trevor, Pigeon, and Nate to do strange and not to mention some dangerous things in exchange for her magical candy. But a few little tasks are all worth it for magic candy, right?

  36. I.S block 1 says:


    TITLE: Swiped
    AUTHOR: M.M.Bossley
    SUMMARY: this book was about sophomor high schooler Trevor, his cousin Nick, and their friend Robin. Or as people know them: the best detectives in the school! when they discover a rare hockey book that can earn their school tons of money, someone steals it! to make matters worse, all the lunches in Calgary high are being stolen!
    IMPRESSION: i thought this book was really good and that it’s good for both boys and girls. also, if you want a quick read to hand in a PATTERNS form, without all that long reading, this is your book!

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