OMG – found a new book that I can’t put down!

Sooooooo, last week I noticed that KChen had a novel (in his pile of novels) that I had heard about last year but never got around to reading . . .so I snatched it!  He immediately noticed but let me take it home anyway!  The Alchemyst by Michael Scott – holy moly!  Remember a while ago when I wasn’t loving The Red Pyramid by R Riordan (who will be at the Princeton Market Fair Barnes & Noble this Tues @ 6 pm) – I realized that the reason I didn’t like it was b/c a lot of the story involved TELLING the reader about all of the ancient egyptian history. . .well, this novel also deals with ancient egyptian stuff, but incorporates the history into the storyline, so the reader is learning through the story, the action - not being TOLD, rather SHOWN. . .lovelovelove – will stay up to finish tonight – and I suggest the rest of you get your hands on a copy asap!

Thanks KChen!

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  1. AJ1 says:

    I’ve been reading the Chronicals Of Vladimir Tod. I reccomend this series to anyone who likes Twilight, likes adventure, edge of your seat book! Can’t put down the third book Tenth Grade Bleeds.

  2. AA B4 says:

    I head about The Alchemist
    I guess ill have to read it after:
    The rest of the 39 clues(5,6,7,8,9,10, and 11)
    Alex Rider Book 9
    Vladmir Todd Series(1,2,3,4, and 5)
    Throne of Fire
    Ill read as fast as i can….

    • sc5 says:

      wow. that’s a lot of books. I’d say it may take you about 2 months to read all of those books. do u know what The Alchemist is about?

      • jennifer.fava says:

        The Alchemist is based on the legend of Nicholas Flamel & his wife Perennelle – they were able to unlock the mysteries of the past to create a potion to keep them from aging – there are other immortals out there that want the ancient book that contains this mystery and many more – and the novel is about the battle between the two forces. There are also many many references to ancient egyptian mythology – lovelovelove this book!

        • ICB3 says:

          This sounds cool because it incorporates the two things I love most – Egypt and Harry Potter!!! Due to the good reviews, I will read it after I finish the Harry Potter series (I’m on The Half-Blood Prince now)

          (I think I just gave my identity away :D )

    • NA2 says:

      ill read the The Alchemist
      the 39 clues series
      the red pyramid series
      lost hero
      the series of unfortunate event series

  3. Lately I have been really lazy about reading books. Then all of a sudden I got this book that kicked my lazy self back into the habit of reading. It was called Zee’s Way by Kristen Butcher. Super cool conflict book between right and wrong and boy did it have a fast pace. I read it until my eyes burned. So awesome that if you put it down you will idmagine yourself there. Basically the book was about these kids who were banned from a shopping center because they looked all like scary I guess and they didn’ t think that was fair. So the bunch of hot head guys start to be all mean like and mess up their stores. Then the main charector Zee does grafitte and gets caught by the person from the hardware store. So he has to paint a murel for them so that he doesn’t get arrested. So he paints a murel that is like a metaphor for their fight and it changes everyones veiw of the situation. So will they make up?

  4. DC5 says:

    Mary Lou Finney is a 13 year old girl who happens to have a crazy life. For a summer assignment she has to write a journal. Her cousin Carl Ray comes to look for a job but acts mysterious. The book is called Absolutely Normal Chaos by Sharon Creech. Mary Lou has problems with Carl Ray coming in to look for a job because he doesn’t do any chores and doesn’t shower. Later she finds out he is really looking for his biological father. Do you think Carl Ray will ever find his biological father?

  5. dm2 says:

    What is this book about? Cause i don’t really like reading books on history unless they really catch my attention.

  6. NC-5 says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH. I have long been a fan of the author R Riordan. I have read all of his Percy Jackson and the Olympions books. I have long awaited his new novel. I can’t wait to get to Barnes and Noble to get my copy.

    • sc5 says:

      did u read The Lost Hero? and did u hear there was a sequel for it? which book r u talking about? the sequel to the red pyramid?

      • RG1 says:

        I hear the Red Pyrmaid is a good book and I’m looking forward to read it. Is it still about the centaurs and everything????

        • NA2 says:

          no the red pyramid is about egypt instead of greek.

        • sc5 says:

          no… i don’t think so. The Red Pyramid is not about greek mythology. it’s about Egyptian mythology. it’ll still have gods (egyptian) but no centaurs or flurries or minters. basically nothing greek.

          • PM1 says:

            I am looking for a book with no mythology because i never get any of that stuff and end up not reading it do you guys know any cool books that has mystery, sports, or just funny short books?

          • sc5 says:

            I just finished reading Blackthorn Winter by Kathryn Reiss. It was pretty good and is a mystery. lots of suspence.

        • ICB3 says:

          No. It’s Egyptian Mythology and you SHOULD TOTALLY TRY IT!!!!!!!!!! I read the first one and thought it was AWESOME (contrary to Ms. Fava’s opinion). I think i liked it more because it wasn’t like, new knowledge for me and it was easier to understand because of that.

  7. sc5 says:

    miss fava, if i read a book and it have multiple different stories, can i fill out a separate PATTERNS form for each story or squeeze all the stories onto one PATTERNS form? because i have a book and it has i think ten different stories in the book.

  8. sc5 says:

    I don’t have the acual book… its on my nook.

  9. AA B4 says:


    • sc5 says:

      r u talking about the school library? if so u could always check if the sb library has it. or if you really can’t wait look for it at several places and then buy it from the place that has it the cheapest. but i know what u r talking about. it’s so annoying having to wait for a book u really want to read.

      • ICB3 says:

        Right??? I had to wait like 3 weeks for The Half-Blood Prince!!!! It was maddening!!!! But I read Low Red Moon instead and it was good. It’s by Ivy Devlin, if you’re interested.

    • AA B4 says:

      Yes! I got the Alchemist, I read like 2 chapters, Its weird in the beginning, but trust me, it gets better… SERIOUSLY!

  10. RG1 says:

    Has anyone read the House of Night series? I’ve been reading them and they are amazing, just like twilight. The second one is amazing!!!!!!!

  11. RG1 says:

    Has anyone read hush, hush???? Amazing book got to read it if you like fallen angels and demons.

    • sc5 says:

      Is the title really “hush,hush”? And who’s the author? I want to find it and see whats it about. It seems interesting.

      • RG1 says:

        The title is really ” hush, hush.” The author of the book is Becca Fitzpatrick. It is an amazing book with lots of suspense. :)

  12. WL4 says:

    i read the first 4 books last yearr……LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVED IT!!! cant wait untill the Warlock comes out on the 24TH!!!!!!:)

  13. NA2 says:

    i find the 39 clue series frustrating when i fill out a patterns form because each book has a different author. :?

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