Planning to blog your June 1st book talk?

Use this space to do so – and make sure to follow book talk format – spelling, punctuation, capitalization & grammar all count, so proofread before submitting!

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  1. VL4 says:

    “Jefferey isn’t a boy with cancer anymore… he’s a teen in remission!” I read the book After Ever After, written by Jordan Sonnenblick. Suffering with previous cancer treatments, and having brain damage, Jeffery is having trouble keeping up with the 8th grade. He is having trouble with freinds, parents, girls, and most of all, school. As the end of the school year is near for Jeffery, he has to take a final test, which he is not aware of yet. If Jeffery does not pass this final test, he will have to retake the eighth grade. And due to his previous cancer, and having brain damage, Jeffery doesn’t know many things that will be on the test. However, lucky for him, his friends are planning something special and helpful for Jeffery, but, its a surprise towards him, and until you read the book, it will be a surprise towards you. I would reccommend this book to other students because it was funny, surprising, and delightful at every turn of a page. These series of books (along with Drums, Girls & Dangerous Pie) is as sad as a book series will get. It will bring great emotion to your thoughts, and make you feel for these characters tremendously. I liked this book because it was half relatable to me due to the fact that I’m the same age as the character. Along with being a page turner, this book was made to make people cry sad tears, then tears of joy. Will Jeffery be able to solve his 8th grade problems? But most of all, will he be able to pass the final test to move on in grade levels? Read it: After Ever After, By: Jordan Sonnenblick.

    Not Part Of The Book-talk:

    Had a lot of fun writing, and reading book-talks these two years!

    • NA2 says:

      after ever after that is a really weird title? btw it had a really good interest cather. And a good conclusion.

    • PG2 says:

      Sounds like a good book!

    • ICB3 says:

      I’m going to guess that you’re an eighth grader. I like your book talk. Can you tell me what the first book is in the series? Thanks :)

    • EL4 says:

      I absolutely loved Girls, Drums, and Dangerous Pie and I had no idea there was a second book! (Is this the second?) Although I am upset the end was given away I still want to read it.

  2. sc5 says:

    I had fun with booktalks. I liked to see what everyone was reading so I can read it if it sounds good. Too bad this is the LAST one for the 8th graders. No more booktalks FOREVER. :( Sorry 7th graders who hate booktalks but booktalks aren’t over for you yet What series is After Ever After in? How did jeffery get better for cancer and brain damage?

  3. NK1 says:

    OPENING: When the English teacher asked Darrell if he was sure that he wanted to sit in the back, Darrell decided that this was his chance to get away from Tyray, the bully. However, as Darrell got up from his seat, he felt a sharp pain in his shoulder. Tyray’s wide hand gripped Darrell’s small shoulder like a giant claw and shoved him back into his seat.
    TITLE: The Bully
    AUTHOR: Paul Langan
    SUMMARY: This book is about Darrell, a short, skinny high school freshman, who moves to California to live with his uncle after his mom loses her job. Darrell is afraid to move because he is worried that he won’t make any new friends. First, he meets a boy named Tyray who takes his money and makes Darrell fall and cut his lip. Then, Tyray continues to bully and harass Darrell even in school. After reading Hatchet, Darrell decides that he has to do something to stop Tyray’s bullying so he starts to eat more and tries out for the wrestling team. Darrell learns lots of new tricks in wrestling. When Tyray continues to harass him, Darrell uses what he learned in wrestling to beat Tyray and make him cry.
    IMPRESSION: The Bully is a book that shows how a young boy makes a decision to overcome his problem. Darrell acts very mature in this story. When he is faced with a boy who continues to bully him, he decides that he is the only one who can do something to stop this boy. I would recommend this novel because it shows kids that it is not okay to have other kids pick on you and that you have to stand up to a bully to stop him.
    CLOSING: How long do you think someone can take being bullied before they lose control? When Darrell can’t take Tyray’s bullying any more, he does something about it. Would Darrell get beaten up again or stand up to Tyray?

  4. BC5 says:

    Imagine that you are in a Humvee’s top gun but you start to panic. Enemies start shooting at you from all sides. The next thing you know, an Iraqi shoots a RPG (rocket propelled grenade) at your Humvee then it explodes. Your whole crew is dead and you are badly hurt. The closest hospitable is miles away. If you just stay put the Iraqis will take you hostage. What would you do?
    The book I read was Sunrise Over Fallujah by Walter Dean Myers.
    It is mainly about Robin Perry or as his friend, Marla calls him “birdy.” So, Robin’s dad is a little mad at him because he didn’t go to collage. As a result, he joined the army and writes to his uncle, who was in the Vietnam war. While in the army he meets Jonesy and Marla. All three are in the Civil Affairs Unit and they need to act as liaisons between the military and the civilians. then they go with their medics and help the wounded civilians But they get into a fight.
    I thought this book was good and I liked this book because of all the action and adventure and would like to recommend this book to anyone who likes that kind of stuff.
    So, do you think “birdy” will live or die, find out in this book.

  5. AA3 says:

    “I lived in darkness now. I started sleeping during the day, walking the streets and riding the subways at night, when no one could really see me. I knew what it was to sulk in darkness, looking for some little bit of hope and finding nothing. I knew what it was to be so lonely you could kill from it. I wished I had an opera house. I wished I had a cathedral. I wished I could climb to the top of the Empire State Building like King Kong. Instead, I had only the anonymous streets of New York with their millions of stupid, clueless people…I scared me.”

    The book I read was Beastly, written by Alex Flinn.

    Kyle Kingsbury, a rich and “beautiful” guy that goes to Tuttle is someone everyone wants to be. It stays like that for some time which seemed like forever until Kendra, a witch, casted a spell on him and turned him into a beast. Now, it is up to him to break the spell. He has to find someone that will kiss him, despites his looks. It’s not that easy because she has to love him, and he has to love her back. Plus, he has to try to break the spell within two years, or he will remain a beast forever.

    I thought this book was amazing. It was very well written. Every part of the book was described in great detail and every element, at the end of the story, came together to a great ending. Though this book was written from a guy’s point of view, I would recommend this book to girls. Other than that, I loved this book! :)

    “You think I’m talking fairy tales? No way. The place is New York City. The time is now. It’s no deformity, no disease. And I’ll stay this way forever–ruined–unless I can break the spell”

  6. TD4 says:

    Intro: “Anna is the only proof I have that I was born into this family. Instead of dropped off on the doorstep by some Bonnie and Clyde couple that ran off into the night. On the surface, we’re polar opposites. Under the skin, though, we’re the same: people think they know what they’re getting, and they’re always wrong.”

    Book: My Sister’s Keeper
    Author: Jodi Picoult

    Summary: This book is about a 13 year old girl, Anna, who was ‘created’ jut so her older sister, Kate, can get bone marrow when she needs it. The 16 year old Kate suffers from acute promyelocytic leukemia at a very young age. These two also have an older brother, Jesse, who is very rebellious and no one exactly ‘cares’ about him. Meaning, his parents often don’t know where he is. The two girls get along very well, but sometimes Anna feels ‘used’. Her mom doesn’t treat Anna the way she treats Kate, which she doesn’t like. When it gets close to the date that Kate may die because of her sickness, everything changes…

    Impression: I thought this book was very emotional and I would only recommend it to girls. After you finish the book, there are many life lessons that you realize. All in all, I thought this was an amazing book, and I look forward to reading more Jodi Picoult books :)

    Conclusion: “Maybe who we are isn’t so much about what we do, but rather what we’re capable of when we least expect it.” ;)

    • TD4 says:

      Oh yeah, and i thought this was another good quotes from the book: “You don’t love someone because they’re perfect, you love them in spite of the fact that they’re not.”

      Just thought I would share this :)

    • EL4 says:

      I really wanted to read this book but my mom wouldnt let me! (I know its lame!!!) She read it and claimed it would scar me for life. Is that true?

  7. RS4 says:

    What would you do if everything you had learned in your second life was a complete and utter lie? If you were going to go into battle and be deliberately killed? The book I read was “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner” by Stephanie Meyer. It’s an eclipse novella and it is about the life of Bree Tanner before she goes to battle with the Cullens. Bree Tanner is someone that was just turned into a vampire, and she is fed lies because Victoria wants to kill Bella. It is a tale of great suspense and love and tragedy. I would recommend it to anyone because it was a really fun quick-read and very hard to put down (I stayed up late reading it… not the best idea) :D . How will this horrible battle turn out? READ THE BOOK!!!! :)

  8. PN4 says:

    Allie and Nick saw a tunnel leading to a bright light as their cars slammed into each other. They started toward the light but someone, or something prevented that from happening. The two children found themselves in a land that lay between the living and dead–a land called Everlost.

    The book i read was Everlost by Neal Shusterman. This book is about two kids who die in a car crash but never reach heaven. They’re stuck in Everlost, a place in which they are basically ghosts, or afterlights. Quickly they learn that Everlost seems to put a person in a routine that you do everyday and eventually forget who you really are. This book is about their journey of adjusting to the new rules, meeting friends and enemies, and defeating the worst feared demon known to the afterlights: The McGill.

    I don’t recommend this book to people who want stories that get to the point. This is because it tended to drag and barely kept me wanting to know what was coming next. Even though the concept of ghosts seemed interesting at first, it got boring as I got father through the novel.

    Will Allie and Nick defeat the McGill and escape Everlost?

  9. A.S1 says:

    There is a man snooping around, soon the rumors spread like wildfire. No one wants to talk to him or even go within 20 feet of him. Everyone has their own opinion. They ask themselves should we file a report? The book I read was Bio-Pirate and its about these three kids Trevor, Nick and Robyn who notice a mysterious man snooping around and decide to investigate and find information on him. I thought that this book was really good because the author kept adding more twists, challenges to keep it interesting. It also kept me turning the page. i would recommended it to anyone who likes mystery novels. Do you think they can find and plot all the pieces together?

  10. Nick Mercurio says:

    “Winning means fame and fortune. Losing means certain death. The Hunger Games have begun…” I read the book The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. You have all probably heard of The Hunger Games and how good it was and blah blah blah, but if you haven’t read it you haven’t really experienced life to its fullest! It is simply about the future and the remaining humans in the world are split up into 12 different districts. So, yearly they have a drawing of one boy and girl from each district and they compete in what is called the Hunger Games. In the Hunger Games all 24 candidates must fight to the death. The Hunger Games were installed to remind the districts about the big war they had against the Capitol long ago and to show the civilians that they don’t have the power to do anything, that they shouldn’t start another uprising, and that they could do whatever they want because they were overpowering to the civilians. So, the book is about a girl from district 12 who’s younger sister gets picked for the 74th Hunger Games and she didn’t want her to die so (Katniss) volunteered to take her spot instead. I would recommend the book to anyone and everyone because of the drama and action that took place in it. I would rate it a 9/10. What made the book so good was that it took control of your emotions and messed around with them throughout the book. So will Katniss survive? Will she win the Hunger Games and get the Fame and Fortune she has always wished for? Read this book to find out:)

  11. EH1 says:

    I’m the second person to do my booktalk! YEA!

    Imagine just being able to keep your true love forever… Only to find out that something is killing her. The book I read was Linger, by Maggie Stiefvater. This is the second book to the Linger series. This is about Sam and Grace, and their struggles to stay together. Sam used to be a wolf, only turning human in the summer. Grace has been admiring these wolves ever since she was little, even after they attacked her. Now in this book, Sam has been cured of the wolf and he can finally be with Grace forever. All of the sudden, Grace turns ill and gets admitted to the hospital for something no doctor can explain. This was a really good book, that is really hard to put down. Do you think Grace will survive?…

  12. OI2 says:

    This is my book talk for June 1st:
    Imagine waking up on a school bus holding hands with a girl you don’t know and don’t even remember who you are and what you are doing. The book I read was The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan. It is about a boy named Jason who is going through amnesia and has a girl friend named Piper and his best friends name is Leo Valdez. On a field trip to the Grand Canyon storm spirits attack and their coach Gleeson Hedge reveals himself as a satyr.(protecter, half man, half goat.) Coach Hedge gets captured while trying to defend them. Later two pegasi carrying Annabeth and Butch take them three to Camp Half Blood. There each kid was claimed by a god/goddess. Leo was claimed by Hephaestus, Piper was claimed by Aphrodite, and Jason was claimed by Zeus. They go on to find out that the goddess Hera has taken the memory of Jason and she has been captured by giants. Percy Jackson has also been missing the same day Jason doesn’t remember anything. What a coincidence. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone that would give up their time to read a book. Do you think Jason will get his memory back? Will Percy Jackson son of Poseidon be found? Read the book to find out. By: Omar Ismail

  13. OI2 says:

    Does anybody think the Son Of Neptune is going to be as good as The Lost Hero.

  14. OI2 says:

    Rick Riordan is officially my favorite author!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. RG1 says:

    My Book Talk:

    Do you want to be on the red carpet? Do you want to star in a famous movie happening right in your hometown?

    The book I read was Maeve on the Red Carpet by Annie Bryant.

    This book is about how all the rest of Maeve’s friends are going on vacation while she is stuck at home. Even Sam her annoying little brother is going to visit a War cite and stay with his grandfather. On the first day of vacation Maeve gets a new surprise from her dad who owns the movie house. A big movie is going to be shot at the movie house featuring the Krupcake King and the same age as Maeve his daughter the Princess of the Krupcakes Maddie. Maeve’s dad tells her that she can audition for a part and maybe she will get chosen. The first day of Movie Camp,there are so many kids their and Maeve worries. Maeve already has an idea for the movie because the famous director directing it is Artemia Aaron and she asked to take ideas from the kids and maybe she will use it in the movie. Maddie and Maeve are like each other and they soon become friends. Two days later Maddie asks Maeve to sleep over at there huge mansion and learn new things about each other. Suddenly they become best friends and Maeve shares her idea for the movie name which is
    ” Boston Holiday.” To get credit the next day at camp Maddie takes Maeve’s idea, being greedy to show off becasue she always gets what she wants, making poor little Maeve upset and heratbroken. A week after Maeve learns the truth from the famous Apollo Aaron and they enjoy being together and brainstorm ideas for the characters of the movie. Maeve wanting to get the lead role she auditions but soon many problems start occuring. The movie starts shooting but it soon starts to come down.

    I would recommend this book to students who like action, a little bit of romance and
    funny books.

    Do you think Maeve gets the lead role or will the KrupCake Princess ruin everything? Do you think Maeve’s dream of being in a movie come true???? :)

  16. PG2 says:

    How would you feel if you would not get a chance to meet your dad? The book I read was Joey Pigza Loses Control. The author of this book is Jack Gantos. In this story Joey Pigza wants to go on a six-week visit to his dad’s house. His dad is not a easy guy to love. Joey’s dad is good at coaching. He taught Joey to throw a baseball. But, Joey’s dad thinks taking control means giving up the things that keep Joey safe. Lastly, Joey will have to play with his dad’s rules, to keep his dad pleased. Read it to figure out, what Joey Pigza will do. I would recommend this book because it is a fun book to read and it is very interesting. Do you think Joey Pigza will follow his dad’s rules?

  17. DC5 says:

    How would you feel if your friends were in danger? Or all of a sudden you were the bad guy? The book I read is Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Harry’s Uncle and Aunt have locked him up in his room the entire summer. Harry wonders if they will let him go back to Hogwarts for his second year. Yet they aren’t the only ones that want to keep him away, a house-elf named Doby tells Harry that he is in grave danger if he goes to Hogwarts. Harry ignores Doby’s warning. Ron helps him escape and takes him to his house for the rest of the summer. Harry faces a series of difficulties getting to Hogwarts. The students are all of a sudden being attacked. Rumors start that the Chamber of Secrets has been opened and they all suspect Harry opened it. It is the second book in the Harry Potter series. This book was great, full of suspense and action. I would recommend this book to anyone.

  18. RG3 says:

    It’s that time of year again, when two families will be affected by these cruel games. Its the time for two tributes to be chosen for fighting till the death in the games the Capitol seems to enjoy. There’s always the worry of your name being picked for this, but this year its something worse… not your name, but your sister’s.
    The book I read is called The Hunger Games and its by the author Suzanne Collins.
    This book is about a girl named Katniss, and its the time of year of the reaping. When her sister’s name is picked at the reaping, she couldn’t believe it, out of the many names, her one sister’s name was picked and before thinking Katniss Everdeen volunteered herself for the vicious, deadly Hunger Games, when two tributes from all twelve districts come together in a big arena and fight each other till death. Her other tribute fellow is a boy named Peeta who she met a year ago on a terrible night. Now, she is being prepared for these terrible games, and being trained hard with the chance she might actually be the victor.
    I would reccomend this book for everyone to read, its really good and once you start reading, you wont be able to put it down. You’ll fly through all three books of the series and still wanting more. I really liked this book, and I think everyone should read this book!
    Will Katniss be able to survive these deadly games the Capitol puts up every year, or will she just be another tribute who died within seconds. From action, allies, and even a little bit of romance… this book has it all!

  19. JA3 says:

    “Rohr’s timing was perfect. The two photos were mounted on a large tripod in front of the witness stand, and when Dr. Fricke finished his testimony at fifteen minutes after five, it was time to adjourn for the weekend. The last image the jurors had, the one they’d think about for the next two days and the one that would prove to be unshakable, was of the charred lungs, removed from the body and posed on a white sheet.”
    The book I read was “The Runaway Jury,” by John Grisham, and it focuses on a trial in Biloxi, Mississippi, with the plaintiff, a widow of a smoker victim, suing the tobacco company that sold the victim the cigarettes. Tobacco companies have been constantly sued in the past and so far haven’t lost a single case, and they definitely can’t afford to lose this one. It’s all up to the twelve men and women on the jury, but there’s only one man who can really decide their fate…
    I really enjoyed this book, along with all the other John Grisham books I’ve read, and I would recommend anyone who enjoys law books and stuff like that should definitely pick up this book…
    “Konrad and Pang were loitering in the hallway, waiting for instructions. They knew something had gone terribly wrong. The lamp crashed with great force against the door. Fitch screamed. The ply wood walls rattled. Another object hit and splintered; maybe it was a telephone. Fitch yelled something about “the money!” and then the desk landed loudly against a wall.
    They backed away, petrified and not wanting to be near the door when it opened. Bam! Bam! Bam! It sounded like a jackhammer. Fitch was punching the plywood with his fists.
    “Find the girl!” he screamed in anguish. Bam! Bam!
    “Find the girl!”

  20. sc5 says:

    Imagine you’re at your cozy warm home state that’s so cheerful and pretty. Now how would you feel if all that was taken from you and forced to move to this gloomy, dark village that is half way across the world from your precious home?
    I read Blackthorn Winter by Kathryn Reiss.
    Juliana is forced to move from sunny California to little Blackthorn in England with home half way across the world just because her mom wants a fresh new start. But after staying in the tiny village for a couple of days, Liza, a friend of Juliana’s mom, is murdered! The police believe they found the culprit but Juliana doesn’t think so. She decides to investigate but almost everyone in Blackthorn hated Liza making it possible for anyone to be the murderer. But finding out won’t be easy, she may lose all her new friends, put herself in danger, and learn more about her painful past.
    Will all this be worth finding the real murderer? Will she even find the murderer? Or will she die trying?

  21. ss4 says:

    I read this amazing book called Secrets in the Shadows by Anne Schraff in the Bluford series. It was about a boy named Roylin Bailey who has had many troubles in his life in the past. He is so tierd of his life and when he finds out that he is the cause of his closest friend, Mr. Miller’s death, he is starting to think about ending it! After calling a classmate of his that is now becoming his friend, he is starting to realize that the story that the building janitor told him about Roylin being the cause of Mr. Miller’s death is a little fishy. Do you think that the story Mr. miller tells is correct? Read the book to find out! I would also recommend you read the other books in the Bluford series. I love this sereies because it doesn”t matter what order you read the books in! ( :

  22. ss2 says:

    I read this amazing book called Secrets in the Shadows by Anne Schraff in the Bluford series. It was about a boy named Roylin Bailey who has had many troubles in his life in the past. He is so tierd of his life and when he finds out that he is the cause of his closest friend, Mr. Miller’s death, he is starting to think about ending it! After calling a classmate of his that is now becoming his friend, he is starting to realize that the story that the building janitor told him about Roylin being the cause of Mr. Miller’s death is a little fishy. Do you think that the story Mr. miller tells is correct? Read the book to find out! I would also recommend you read the other books in the Bluford series. I love this sereies because it doesn”t matter what order you read the books in! ( :

  23. BWM2 says:

    “Imagine getting the chance to take $1,000,000 or entering a race to get the 39 clues where the winner of this race becomes the most powerful and influential people on the planet. The book I read for my book talk is the 39 clues The Sword Thief. This book was written by Peter Lerangis. It starts out with Amy and Dan in the airport as they were about to go on their plane, their cousins jump in and steal their tickets. Now they don’t have a way to get to Japan to get the next clue. More importantly the swords they found that gave them the information that the next clue is in Japan is also on that flight. Luckily their uncle Alistair jumped in and found them a jet so they can get there in time. But when they arrive they were taken hostage by Eisenhower Holt and the rest of his family. While exploring the underground railroads, they found a secret room with the help of their uncle Alistair. Which leads them to believe that that the next clue may not be in Japan but Korea. I would recommend this book to everyone who likes action and suspense. But make sure to read the others first. So with this head start do you think they’ll get to the clue first or die trying? Read the book to find out.

  24. KW5 says:

    What would you do if you had to take orders from your best friend in order to be a part of her clique? The book i read was Revenge of the Wannabes by Lisi Harrison. This book is about how Alicia Rivera is sick and tired of being the sidekick to Massie Block in her famous clique. Alicia decides to break away from the harsh treatment of Massie and start her own clique. Massie finds out what Alicia is up to and wants to make her regret her actions. As Alicia is busy searching for new members of her clique, Massie and her clique members plot out ways to destroy Alicia’s life. I thought this book is great for girls in middle school. It relates to many of the issues young girls have today. Will Alicia finally become the glamorous alpha, or will she forever remain a useless beta?

  25. “I was the girl who had hair like blood.”

    Avery Hood is the average girl next door. She lives life normally, until her parents are killed. Not just killed. MURDERED…The fact that she can’t remember what happened to them even though she was there is provoking her. All she remembers is a flash of silver.

    She’s struggling to adjust to life without them, and to living with her grandmother, when she meets Ben, who isn’t like any guy she’s ever met before.

    As if that is not bad enough – the Thantos family is also murdered. At the scene of the crime, the mangled bodies looked like their throats had been ripped out.

    And now, Avery’s very life is in danger. Who would commit such a crime? Avery”s parents never did anything bad to anyone. And the Thantos family? Why would someone do this to her? To her life? To everything she has ever known? And is SHE the next victim?

    Low Red Moon (by Ivy Devlin) is a daring, suspenseful and romancing novel for teens. It is a definite page turner, but unfortunately, it is a quick read and it is not part of a series.

    I liked this book because I hate paranormal romance books, yet, this one really impressed me. I liked how Ivy Devlin really portrayed Avery’s feelings for Ben, and how Avery had to choose between her life or Ben’s love at one point of the story. You should read it, although I would recommend it to girls only, and maybe Tariq because I know he likes books like these :D Anyway, read it! It’s quick, so Ms. Fava should expect a PATTERNS form from you very soon (SOMIK – Do you want her at your house???)

    My ending – Friends will become enemies. Enemies will become friends. But the murderer, will forever stay….a murderer….

    (Isn’t it so suspenseful? I made it up myself :D )

  26. JH3 says:

    The Underdark, a place that sunlight and the hope it brings have never touched. This is the home of dark races, races that assualt one another and even assault within themselves. Menzoberranzan, house of the dark elves, have fights between houses, family, and even family members. Everything is for one’s own benefit and anything, including assasinations, are fair game. The book I read is Homeland by R.A. Salvatore. Drizzit Do’urden, a young drow, trained by the greatest weapons master and taught in the ways of his dark elf kin, has miraculously seen through the cruelties of his race. But how can he, a youth, manage to untangle himself from the web weaved through centuries? And how will he survive?

  27. SB4 says:

    Imagine you going through an everyday routine. You get up, go to work, and do your business. But suddenly everything changes. You see people made of mud, people have strange smells, creatures that you never thought would exist in your wildest dream. This is what happens to two kids. Josh and Sophie Newman. 
    The book I read was The Alchemyst by Michael Scott.
    In this book, Josh and Sophie meet the immortal Nicholas Flamel and Pernelle. Since that point, there lives change. They meet strange creatures, see real magic, and are about to get killed. How? The evil Dr. John Dee wants to raise the Dark Elders using the Codex, a mystical book. Unfortunately, the last two pages were ripped out by one of the twins. Now, the twins are on a scary journey across the land to Awaken their magical potential, for they are apart of a legend and could save or destroy the world…
    I love love loved this book. After so many recommendations, I finally read it and it was great. There was action, adventure, humor, and much more. It wasn’t like other books, because it also incorporated some history, like the Percy Jackson series, only in a more intriguing way. There was also a lot of detail and in general was a great book.
    Will Sophie and Josh save the world from utter destruction or will the missing pages fall into the clutch of Dee?

    READ THIS BOOK!!!!!!!

  28. WA5 says:

    Final Book Talk
    Troy White has a phenomenal gift. He can predict football plays before they happen. Any position. Any play. Any team.
    When Troy’s mom gets a job working in public relations for the Atlanta Falcons, Troy figures it’s his chance to prove what he can do. But first he has to get to the Falcons–and with tight security and a notoriously mean coach, even his mom’s field passes aren’t much help.
    I read Football Genius by Tim Green; this book has a genre of realistic fiction. In the plot of this book three main things happen. First, I’ve already told about Troy’s special ability which allows him to correctly predict what play will be run or what the defense will do. Next, Troy runs into a problem, no one wants to listen to a 12 year old boy, especially when he calling the shots for the defense. Finally, this entire book is about how Troy and his two friends, Tate and Nathan, go about proving that troy is a football genius to the Atlanta Falcons.
    I thought this book was funny and a very exciting page turner with great use of cliffhangers. I would recommend this book to any sports fans who like a good read that they could maybe relate to in a couple ways. After enjoying the great book, Football Genius, read the sequel, Football Champ, another great addition to Tim greens collection.
    Then Troy and his best friend’s devisee plan to get the attention of star linebacker Seth Halloway. With Seth’s playing and troy’s genius, the Falcons could be unstoppable–if they’ll only listen.

  29. SC73 says:

    The Cupcake Queen
    By: Heather Hepler

    Nothing is worse than knowing your parents are seperated. Not officially seperated, but still seperated. And moving to a new place, makes it all the more terrible, or does it?
    Moving to Hog’s Hollow from the City wasn’t easy for Penny. Because of the temporary seperation between her parents, Penny’s mother now runs a bakery known as The Cupcake Queen, and Penny is stuck helping out. Penny thinks, “what could be worse than this?” But from the first day she got to school, she knew the worst was yet to come. Penny knew Charity (a.k.a the biggest hog in Hog’s Hollow) was no good from the first day they set eyes on each other. Charity would know do nothing but cause problems for Penny every day for no reason at all. Though this stinks, Penny has also made some awesome friends: Tally and Blake…and Marcus, the cute guy that jogs along the beach every night. Ok, so things aren’t terrifying atleast? Nope. Just when Penny starts to get used to this new life, and most of all Marcus, who she really begins to like, the worst hits her. Penny’s parents are getting seperated, and now its official. Penny is forced to decide who she’s going to stay with: her dad back in the City, or with her mom living her new life in Hog’s Hollow. I would recommend this book to mostly girls only because it has romance in it, but boys can still read it if they find it interesting.
    I really liked this book because the author tries hard to connect Penny as much as possible to the reader, by making the characters have similar problems to what we (kids) might have. It’s also a real page turner full of romance and even a couple life lessons.
    What will Penny do? Will she stay in Hog’s Hollow with her mom (and Marcus) or will her go back to the City, and live her old life again?

  30. BM2 says:

    What would you do if you were planning on going with your best friend into the nearby woods? Would you show up? In the story Picture Perfect, which was written by Elaine Marie Alphin, This is what happened to Ian. HIs best friend Teddy never showed up at the woods. Ian got very mad at her because she never showed up. Later that day, Ian found out that Teddy went missing. Read on to see what happens next. I liked this book because i was hooked but it was scary! I would recommend this book for anyone who reads scary books.

  31. em1 says:

    What would you do if you found out that your best friend was going to be captured by the Nazis?
    The book I read was number the stars by Lois Lowry
    This story was about a girl named Annmarie and how her family and friends were trying to help her best friend Ellen and her family not get captured during the Hollocost. Thriugh this novel you will see through the eyes of a young eleven year old girl how brutal World War II was in Copenhagen.
    I thought this book was very good and it left me on the edge of my seat. I would recommend this book to anyone that likes realistic fiction and cliff hangers.
    What do you think will happen to Ellen and her family?

    • sc5 says:

      Did you like The Giver by Lois Lowry? What did you think of the ending? The ending seems kind of sad because in earlier posts it seems like pretty much half think Jonas hallucinated and died, and the others ( me too )think Jonas and Gabriel made it to Elsewhere.

  32. DP1 says:

    What would you do if you if your world had been torn apart? I read The Scorch Trials by James Dashner, this is the second book in the maze runner series. In this book the Gladers are home from the maze… when they learn the Earth has been hit with a solar flare. People are infected with a dangerous disease named “the flare”…and the world is now a nightmare… The Gladers have 2 weeks to go to “the safe haven”, or they will be contaminated just like the rest of the world… I recommend this book to anyone who likes mystery, suspense, and action novels. The maze was supposed to be the end…but now it feels like it all just started… do you think that they will make it home? Or be left behind? Read the book to find out!!!!!!!

  33. RA3 says:

    How would you feel if you were the best player on your baseball and possibly the whole state. Then it all gets taken away from you. He’s a better fielder, hitter, and stole your star position, short stop. The book I read was Big Field by Mike Lupica. Hutch the star player on his baseball team, an amazing short stop has just been kicked out of his position. A better player, Darryl, comes and takes the star role. Now he has to settle into second and gain back his star role back. The other part of the story is that Hutch is also having troubles at home. Him and his star baseball player dad just aren’t getting along! I think it was a very good book. Very fast paced and was a page turner. I always wanted to find out what happens next. I would recommend this book to everyone. Even if you don’t like baseball or sports in general. It’s a great book. Do you think Hutch will be able to handle everything going on in his complicated life???

  34. kp1 says:

    How would you feel if you had to help a missing child face her fate in history? In the novel Sabotaged by Margaret Peterson Haddix, after helping Chip and Alex survive fifteenth-century London with no preparation at all. The two main characters Jonah and Katherine think that there next mission is going to be very easy. But right away things go wrong. They need to help Andrea find her history. I will definitely recommend this book to everyone because it was very interesting. Also the first novel of this series was the best. So I recommend for people to read the series. Overall, how would you feel if you had to help a missing child face her fate in history?

    • BC5 says:

      How many books are in the series? What book number is it in the series?

      • sc5 says:

        I think Sabotaged is the… fifth book? Found is the first. I think there’s one called Lost which is the second. I don’t know the others. I think the series has five books right now. Sabotaged is the third or fifth one.

        • sc5 says:

          Wait! No, there’s no book in the series called Lost. Sorry. I think the series is The Lost Series so I got confused.

          • sc5 says:

            Oops. I think there is a book in the series called Lost. I found out Sabotaged is not in The Lost series. I don’t even know if there is a lost series. The book is from the missing series. My bad. …Again.

  35. AB4 says:

    “You’ve left the safe and mundane world you once knew,” Nicholas Flamel said seriously, looking at each twin in turn. “Nothing is as it seems. You must learn to question everything. To wait before moving, to look before stepping and to observe everything. I learned these lessons in alchemy, but you will find them invaluable in this new world you’ve unwittingly wandered into.”
    The book I read was The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott. This book focuses upon two twins, Sophie and Josh Newman. Josh was working at a book store owned by a Nick Fleming and Perry Fleming while his sister Sophie worked at a coffee shop just across the street. A mysterious man comes to the bookstore and attacks Nick and Perry Fleming while Sophie see’s the commotion and decides to check the situation. The twins soon find out Nick Fleming is actually Nicholas Flamel, a famous alchemist from the past. He came upon a book called the book of Abraham the Mage or more commonly The Codex. As the books new guardian, Nicholas has learned the secret to eternal life and other secrets from this book. Now he suspects that Sophie and Josh could be the twins of a special prophecy from The Codex. This one event sealed the fate of their lives forever. Now, they are forced into a world of magic and darkness. Will they be able to accept their destiny or die trying to fulfill it?
    I recommend this book to anyone and everyone. This book was one of the greatest novels I have read in a long time. I enjoy learning about mythology and different gods of other religons so this book was definitely satisfying in that aspect. If you like the science fiction genre then this is great book to pick up as well. Action and Adventure? Full of it! Thrilling details and mystifying tales riddled every page. It’s a great book to pick up at the school or public library so go get it today!

    “There will come a time when the Book is taken,
    And the Queen’s man is allied with the Crow.
    Then the Elder will step out of the Shadows.
    And the immortal must train the mortal.
    The two that are one must become the one that is all.”

    • sc5 says:

      Is there Egyptian mythology in the book? I heard there was. This doesn’t actually sound like there’s Egyptian mythology in the book. It sounds like those fantasy books with witches and never dying and fountains of youth stuff.

  36. I.S block 1 says:

    OPENING: What does it mean to be Ugly?
    TITLE: Uglies
    AUTHOR:Scott Westerfeild
    SUMMARY: Tally is an ordinary girl in the future who will soon get the ‘operation’, a cosmetic surgery that changes you from an ugly kid, into a beautiful pretty who gets to go to New Pretty Town, with only one mission:have fun. But when Tally meets Shay, a girl who doesnt like the operation, she learns that the pretty operation is…well…ugly. When Shay runs away to find a place called the ‘Smoke’, where the operation doesnt exsist, Tally has two options-betray Shay and let the government catch her, or join her and the Smoke.
    CLOSING: In a world of extreme beauty, being normal is ugly

  37. NC4 says:

    “You’re surprised at all the blood. He looks over at you, eyes wide, mouth dropping open, his face almost as white as his shirt. He’s surprised too. There’s not a lot of broken glass, though, just some tiny slivers around his feet and one big piece busted into sharp peaks like a spiking line graph, the blood washing down it like rain on a windshield. He doesn’t say anything clever or funny, doesn’t quote Shakespeare, he just screams.But no one can hear him, and it would be too late if they could. You’re thinking, this wasn’t the way it was supposed to go, this shouldn’t be happening. And now things are only going to get worse. You’re just a kid. It can’t be your fault. But then there’s all that blood. So, maybe it is your fault, but that doesn’t make things any better. And it doesn’t matter one way or the other.”

    I read the book YOU, by Charles Benoit.

    It is about Kyle Chase, a 10th grader who is a slacker. He stays out late, drinks, and would probably be an excellent candidate for a guidance counselor. He is a good person at heart, but no one takes the time to get to know him. Zack is a new kid at school, and has a unique personality, and not necessarily in a good way. More dangerous than anyone in the school, but hidden behind a charming smile and nonchalant attitude, he lures Kyle into being not quite his friend, but more of his acquaintance. At times he seems to be on Kyles side, but at others he seems to be his enemy. Kyle knows how dangerous he is, but doesn’t seem to do much about it, until one particular night. After being pushed to the breaking point by a seemingly harmless game on Zack’s part, something happens that leaves Kyle to wonder how everything got this far.

    I would recommend this book, but am not jumping out of my seat about it. It was a little bit hard to understand at times, and based on the summary I thought it would be better. It was written in 2nd person point of view, which was interesting, and it had some parts that were really good. All in all I would say that this book is OK, but isn’t anything too spectacular.

    “‘It’s a game, Chase. A big boring game. If you play by the rules like they tell you, you win. But who wants to play a game that everybody wins? It’s more of a challenge to make them play my game. Teachers, parents, counselors, girls who should know better, and guys who never do. Everybody. They play my game. And that’s why we win.’”

  38. MJ3 says:

    How would you feel if an stranger comes up to your door and says Im your father?
    The book I read was The Big Time by Tim Green.
    Things couldn’t be going better for Troy White. The Atlanta Falcons’ football genius is at the top of his game, helping the team get to the playoffs. Agents and lawyers are knocking on his door with big-money offers for the upcoming season. And his own football team has just won the Georgia State Championship! Troy’s celebrating with his friends at linebacker Seth Halloway’s mansion when another lawyer comes knocking—and he says, “I think I’m your father.”
    Powerfully charged from start to finish, this is an amazing portrayal of Troy’s struggle to make his lifetime dreams of being with his father come true. Filled with page-turning excitement as a high-stakes deal increases the clash of family tension.
    Do you think it Troy will get impacted by the man who comes up to his door?

  39. sc5 says:

    Miss Fava, are you going to have this blog next school year? And can soon to be ninth graders still post comments even though they wouldn’t get extra credit and everything? I find it fun to post stuff on your blog.

    • jennifer.fava says:

      I do plan to continue to use this blog again next year – I’d like to add some “excitement” to it – color, graphics, links, podcasts, etc. – so please make sure to check back next year & continue to comment!

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