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Fair Maiden 50

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Disguised Voice: 50

I greet thee well, good sir. I am a maiden of thirteen years. My name is Claire. I work before the sunrises and ‘til the sunsets. I am looking for a man who is fair-of-face, intelligent, and has skills to protect a family. I am the daughter of a goldsmith. I am a girl who is brave, loyal, and hardworking. I have learned from my mother how to cook many delectable recipes. My mother has also taught me to sew and repair clothing. Farewell most heartily and hopefully we can spend both of our lives together.

Kind Sir 49

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Disguised Voice: 49

I greet thee well, maiden. I am 15 years of age and look for a maiden who is pretty, healthy, and a good cook.

I am the blacksmith’s oldest son. I am the strongest and most respected man in my village. Also, I am a humorous person who is very educated and always healthy. Being the blacksmith’s son, I will be wealthy from the knights’ money and will be ready in emergencies. Having good hunting skills I can guarantee that our family will be well fed.

Fair well most heartily young maiden.

Kind Sir 47

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Disguised Voice: 47

I beseech thee well dear maiden.  I am the beloved James, son of the respected merchant Paul IV.  I, a humble fourteen year old man shall help support thy family wondrous well and will help you in labor.  I am an honest and will make us money so we can have thy food, shelter, and clothes.  I will try to be the most helpful man who will help with your troubles. I am the fairest of them all. I will do what can to support thy family. I am searching for a maiden who is hard working and loving.

Farewell most heartily we meet again.

Fair Maiden 46

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Disguised Voice: 46

I greet thee well good sir. I’m a maiden of 13 years, and I am looking for a husband who is brave, honest, has agreeable temperament, and has skills to protect the family.

I am a maiden who is health and loves children. I am the only daughter of a blacksmith, and I am very nice and caring. I love to cook and I cook good food, so if you come home tried I will have food serve for you. For the children and you, I can weave cloths and dresses to have something to wear. I will be loyal, loving, and pretty. I am also hardworking, I keep the house clean, will take care of the children, and I am a good musician who will amuse you when you are depressed.

Farewell most heartily, I will always be a faithful, loyal wife and make you happy.

Kind Sir 45

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Disguised Voice: 45

I greet thy lovely lady out there. I am thy St. Nicholas, never the less, son of thy well-known merchant Thomas III. I possess many qualities, and look for three specific qualities from a lady. First, thou must be brave. I also want m’lady to be honest. Lastly, m’lady must be helpful around thy house.

Furthermore, I possess many useful qualities myself. I try to be optimistic as much as can. In addition, as son of a merchant, I can support mi family by trading goods for money. Also, mi parents have taught me to be strong. I also possess some education from thy teachings of my parents. In addition, I am indeed very kind and generous. I will do whatever it takes to keep thou safe.

Farewell most heartily, as I hope someone of good qualities comes to me. I possess many great qualities that will be useful to mi future family.


Fair Maiden 44

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Disguised Voice: 44

I greet thee well good sir. I am a maiden of 14 years who is looking for the perfect spouse. He must be brave, strong, smart, and funny.

I am a young girl who is healthy, fair-of-face, and strong. I help my father move the barrels of gold. He is a commonly known goldsmith. I get great amounts of gold and money to help me live. Also, I am a wonderous well cook. I’ve improved my cooking skills since I was a poppet. I will never forswear and will always have an agreeable temper. I loyal and faithful and always will be to my future husband.  I am a musician. I play the flute and have a beautiful voice. I am a comely girl. I have a very caring personality and will never forswear on any occasion.

Farewell most heartily to my soon to be husband. I will be faithful and will be there for you forever and ever. I would care for you and will n’er hurt you me love.

Kind Sir 43

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Disguised Voice: 43

Good day mad‘am, I am of 14. I greet thee well with happiness and excitement. I go by Sir. William Forshakalaka III.

I be William’s best man, he is quite nonpariel.

Why, gammercy. I am the carpenter of my small village. I be verily strong and good husband.

William is also oft brave and shall always be full of wit.

My honest never ends and I shan’t back down to protect thou family.

He is also the son of the wealthy goldsmith in town.

That is all mi’lady. Farewell most heartily.

Fair Maiden 42

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Disguised Voice: 42

I greet thee well good sir. I am a maiden of 14 years old. Thou I am a daughter of a Baker. Thee am looking for a husband who is kind, honest, healthy, respectful, loves kids, and helpful. Imagine coming home to a healthy cooked meal, children running toward you, with a loving hug for you. I will be helpful, hardworking, to make our house run smoothly. When you come home from a hard day of work, thou will be kind and loving, by doing the things that will please you in order for you to feel better. Overall, thou am a loving, hardworking, loyal, wife, and thee will respect you on many different levels. Gramercy. Fare thee well.

Kind Sir 41

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Disguised Voice: 41

Good day, mi lady, I am of fifteen, I greet with a lot of happiness.  I am the son of the baker John Nathaniel Saxena.

I am a young man of fifteen years.  I am son of the baker.  I am a man who is able to serve food to the table every day and is hardworking and caring.  I seek a girl who is pretty, hardworking, and able to take care of our children.

Farewell mi’ lady most heartily.

Fair Maiden 40

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Disguised Voice: 40

Consider, I beseech thee loving gentlemen. I am a maiden of 13 years and named Emma. I am seeking for a gentleman who is humble, an entertainer, and one who can protect my own family.

Thou shall know that I am a fair lady that is loyal, a singer, and a good cook who is humorous. A singer would help you on days that turn away from your favor, entertain and delight you everyday with the lovely, soothing voice. I am a good cook, making jokes and food so juicy and delectable that you would eat everyday happily, for I am the daughter of a baker who is able to make the creamiest pastries in town.

Farewell most heartily, I will always stick with you and never leave you no matter what you do to me. For that is my loyalty to you.