Fair Maiden 40

Disguised Voice: 40

Consider, I beseech thee loving gentlemen. I am a maiden of 13 years and named Emma. I am seeking for a gentleman who is humble, an entertainer, and one who can protect my own family.

Thou shall know that I am a fair lady that is loyal, a singer, and a good cook who is humorous. A singer would help you on days that turn away from your favor, entertain and delight you everyday with the lovely, soothing voice. I am a good cook, making jokes and food so juicy and delectable that you would eat everyday happily, for I am the daughter of a baker who is able to make the creamiest pastries in town.

Farewell most heartily, I will always stick with you and never leave you no matter what you do to me. For that is my loyalty to you.

2 Responses to “Fair Maiden 40”

  1. AD 7 says:

    I chose Fair Maiden number 40 because I think that being able to cook and entertain the family are two very good qualities to have in a wife. Being the Baker’s daughter is a good thing because then the food that she bakes will be delicious and enjoyable. It is good to be able to entertain because then the family won’t be bored as much.

  2. AS7 says:

    I choose Fair Maiden 40 because she is a good singer which would make me happy when i were to come home.
    :arrow: Second, second because you are also the daughter of a cook i could be able to recieve many sweet foods and deserts for free and that would be very happy. :mrgreen:
    :arrow: Third, and last I would choose you because you are not an fairly old woman and just underage which would mean you couldn’t die for an immune system attack very easily. ;-)

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