Fair Maiden 44

Disguised Voice: 44

I greet thee well good sir. I am a maiden of 14 years who is looking for the perfect spouse. He must be brave, strong, smart, and funny.

I am a young girl who is healthy, fair-of-face, and strong. I help my father move the barrels of gold. He is a commonly known goldsmith. I get great amounts of gold and money to help me live. Also, I am a wonderous well cook. I’ve improved my cooking skills since I was a poppet. I will never forswear and will always have an agreeable temper. I loyal and faithful and always will be to my future husband.  I am a musician. I play the flute and have a beautiful voice. I am a comely girl. I have a very caring personality and will never forswear on any occasion.

Farewell most heartily to my soon to be husband. I will be faithful and will be there for you forever and ever. I would care for you and will n’er hurt you me love.

4 Responses to “Fair Maiden 44”

  1. Qo7 says:

    1) it has what our character is looking for
    2) she has more aspects that I know realize could benefit the family
    3) she convinced me that she would be the best choice by telling us the positive things she has to give

  2. A.S. 4 says:

    I pick this person because they can cook really good. Also, she doesn’t have a temper so if I do something wrong, she won’t yell. Lastly, she said that she wouldn’t hurt me so I don’t have to worry about her saying bad things to me or trying to hit me.

  3. DM7 says:

    i picked this person because her father is a goldsmith. which would mean we will always have money. also she dosen’t have a temper. Lastly, she is a muscian which would bring entertainment.

  4. HB4 says:

    I chose this person for many reasons. First, their father is a goldsmith so gold will always be provided for the famaily and we will be wealthy. Also, as all men need, she is a good cook and i could use some good eating. She also said that she would agree with me, and have a good temper so this causes less fighting and a better relationship. Overall, I like her personality, and her character and that is why i pick her as my Mideival Match.

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