Fair Maiden 46

Disguised Voice: 46

I greet thee well good sir. I’m a maiden of 13 years, and I am looking for a husband who is brave, honest, has agreeable temperament, and has skills to protect the family.

I am a maiden who is health and loves children. I am the only daughter of a blacksmith, and I am very nice and caring. I love to cook and I cook good food, so if you come home tried I will have food serve for you. For the children and you, I can weave cloths and dresses to have something to wear. I will be loyal, loving, and pretty. I am also hardworking, I keep the house clean, will take care of the children, and I am a good musician who will amuse you when you are depressed.

Farewell most heartily, I will always be a faithful, loyal wife and make you happy.

7 Responses to “Fair Maiden 46”

  1. J.A. says:

    I think this maiden would make a good wife, because she seems to be very kind and caring to her family, something I would appreciate. She would also be willing to lovingly serve me by cooking food for me and taking care of the children well. I also like the fact she is a musician, and would actually use her talent to make me more happy, an emotion she wants me to have. Obviously, she is quite undemanding and easy-going. Furthermore, the fact she is the daughter means we will have wealth to share, and even more because she has no siblings to inherit part of the profit. Finally, I would most definitely respect a women of loyalty and beauty. This is why I would choose Fair Maiden 46 as my potential spouse.

  2. N.D. 7 says:

    I think this maiden would be a good spouse in many ways. The first reason would be because she is very kind and caring towards her family and that would be something to like. She also would make very good food for me and would take care of the children to make it easier for me. I like the fact that she likes music and could make me happier so it would take off stress. Another thing good about her is that she is easygoing and won’t stress me on purpose. The best thing about her is that she is the only child of her family so we will inherit the blacksmiths place and become very wealthy. I will also respect someone of loyalty and beauty. This is why I chose Fair maiden as a potential wife.

  3. M.R. 7 says:

    I think this maiden is a good wife, because she nice and kind to her falimy and her children. Also she can cook good food for me and our kids. She is a musician which I loved to listen too. She is pretty, also she is the daugther of a blacksimth.Finally, I would give my life for this lovely, pretty young woman.

  4. John.C 7 says:

    I like this ad because the writers say that she is a musician and i like music. Also, she supposedly is very caring which is nice. As well as that, she would also make good food. That is why I think that she would make a good spouse.

  5. JF4 says:

    I think that she would be a good wife because it would be good for the job as the black smith. She is also hard working ad can take care of a family because she is Able to cook. She is also able to clean weave and do a lot of housecleaning work she is also brave and able to protect a family while I am away. That is why I choose her.

  6. JN4 says:

    I will choose this maiden because
    1. she can cook good food so i can not worry about making some food that isnt good
    2. she is a good musician
    3. and she is loyal :grin:

  7. wa4 says:

    i think she will be a good wife because she can weave dresses, loves children and she i very caring. this maiden is good aslo because she would not have a problem serving me for a meal. this maiden would be great.

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