Kind Sir 45

Disguised Voice: 45

I greet thy lovely lady out there. I am thy St. Nicholas, never the less, son of thy well-known merchant Thomas III. I possess many qualities, and look for three specific qualities from a lady. First, thou must be brave. I also want m’lady to be honest. Lastly, m’lady must be helpful around thy house.

Furthermore, I possess many useful qualities myself. I try to be optimistic as much as can. In addition, as son of a merchant, I can support mi family by trading goods for money. Also, mi parents have taught me to be strong. I also possess some education from thy teachings of my parents. In addition, I am indeed very kind and generous. I will do whatever it takes to keep thou safe.

Farewell most heartily, as I hope someone of good qualities comes to me. I possess many great qualities that will be useful to mi future family.


2 Responses to “Kind Sir 45”

  1. MR 4 says:

    This one is definitely my favorite out of all of them. First this one stands out from the rest because they say that he is optimistic which I like. Also, it says that he will do whatever it takes to keep the family safe which is very important in those dangerous times. Next, he says that he has somewhat of an education which is good because I want someone who has some smarts. Finally, he says that his parents have taught him how to be strong which is good because I want someone who will defend me and my family.

  2. WL 5 says:

    This one is actually pretty good. First of all, “he” has a definite way of earning money for a family, so taxes wont be a major problem. Also, the optimism is another good point. Looking onto the brighter side is always good, right? Lastly, “he” says that he will do any thing to protect the family.

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