Kind Sir 49

Disguised Voice: 49

I greet thee well, maiden. I am 15 years of age and look for a maiden who is pretty, healthy, and a good cook.

I am the blacksmith’s oldest son. I am the strongest and most respected man in my village. Also, I am a humorous person who is very educated and always healthy. Being the blacksmith’s son, I will be wealthy from the knights’ money and will be ready in emergencies. Having good hunting skills I can guarantee that our family will be well fed.

Fair well most heartily young maiden.

5 Responses to “Kind Sir 49”

  1. N.A says:

    I have chosen kind sir 49 because he seems to be a very helpful handyman that can support our family at time of need. Also because he is the most respected and strongest person in the village that is why I chose kind sir 49 as my potential spose.

  2. AO 1A says:

    I chose kind sir 49. This is because it is excellent that he is a respected man so our family won’t be at the bottom of the society pyramid. Also, being humorous will keep me entertained and will make it so that my life isn’t boring and dreadful. In addition, being a good hunter will keep my family well fed and healthy. To add, this kind sir claims he would be at my side for support and help in emergencies which I like so I will have someone to lean on and trust during tough and stressful times. Overall, I think that kind sir 49 would be my perfect husband.

  3. AN 4 says:

    I chose this kind sir because he has all the traits a man/husband needs to have.
    First of all, he is the Blacksmith’s oldest son, so when his father dies, he can inherit the Blacksmith’s spot.
    Secondly, he is an edcucated man, so people will respect him.
    Lastly, he is a wealthy man, so during any war or hard times. He wouldn’t have to worry about anything!
    Plus, he is a good hunter, so we won’t be starving!

  4. J.T. says:

    My reasons why I choose this man to be my husband:
    1:I would always want to have the proper tools to keep my family healthy, and extra money sounds great in case our family has an illness. :grin:
    2:If I am in a sad mood i could always depend on my husband to cheer me up with humorous jokes and riddles.I love a man who loves to have laughs. :oops:
    3:I would not like to be starving like other villagers but my husband would have good hunting skills and a lot of money to take of our family. :smile:
    Those are my reasons why I would choose this man to be my husband, but I would also adore him even more if he were romantic… :oops:

  5. JS 4 says:

    I chose this kind sir because he is rich to keep the family healthy, also he is a respectful man who is also humorous, healthy, and very educated. It would be lovely to have a laugh at his jokes. Finally this man is very good at hunting which he promised that it would keep our family healthy.

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