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Kind Sir 49

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Disguised Voice: 49

I greet thee well, maiden. I am 15 years of age and look for a maiden who is pretty, healthy, and a good cook.

I am the blacksmith’s oldest son. I am the strongest and most respected man in my village. Also, I am a humorous person who is very educated and always healthy. Being the blacksmith’s son, I will be wealthy from the knights’ money and will be ready in emergencies. Having good hunting skills I can guarantee that our family will be well fed.

Fair well most heartily young maiden.

Kind Sir 47

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Disguised Voice: 47

I beseech thee well dear maiden.  I am the beloved James, son of the respected merchant Paul IV.  I, a humble fourteen year old man shall help support thy family wondrous well and will help you in labor.  I am an honest and will make us money so we can have thy food, shelter, and clothes.  I will try to be the most helpful man who will help with your troubles. I am the fairest of them all. I will do what can to support thy family. I am searching for a maiden who is hard working and loving.

Farewell most heartily we meet again.

Kind Sir 45

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Disguised Voice: 45

I greet thy lovely lady out there. I am thy St. Nicholas, never the less, son of thy well-known merchant Thomas III. I possess many qualities, and look for three specific qualities from a lady. First, thou must be brave. I also want m’lady to be honest. Lastly, m’lady must be helpful around thy house.

Furthermore, I possess many useful qualities myself. I try to be optimistic as much as can. In addition, as son of a merchant, I can support mi family by trading goods for money. Also, mi parents have taught me to be strong. I also possess some education from thy teachings of my parents. In addition, I am indeed very kind and generous. I will do whatever it takes to keep thou safe.

Farewell most heartily, as I hope someone of good qualities comes to me. I possess many great qualities that will be useful to mi future family.


Kind Sir 43

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Disguised Voice: 43

Good day mad‘am, I am of 14. I greet thee well with happiness and excitement. I go by Sir. William Forshakalaka III.

I be William’s best man, he is quite nonpariel.

Why, gammercy. I am the carpenter of my small village. I be verily strong and good husband.

William is also oft brave and shall always be full of wit.

My honest never ends and I shan’t back down to protect thou family.

He is also the son of the wealthy goldsmith in town.

That is all mi’lady. Farewell most heartily.

Kind Sir 41

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Disguised Voice: 41

Good day, mi lady, I am of fifteen, I greet with a lot of happiness.  I am the son of the baker John Nathaniel Saxena.

I am a young man of fifteen years.  I am son of the baker.  I am a man who is able to serve food to the table every day and is hardworking and caring.  I seek a girl who is pretty, hardworking, and able to take care of our children.

Farewell mi’ lady most heartily.

Kind Sir 39

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Disguised Voice: 39

Dear ladies of our years,

I am a male who is a creative handsome, entertaining fellow. My name is sir Luke of peach tree hill. My father is the best butcher across the land and mother is taking care of my brother Christopher, and sister Lydia. I own the Tree top inn. I am a man of 14 years hoping for a loving, hardworking, entertaining spouse. I will feed you and love you with all my heart in my amazing and beautiful cottage in peach tree hill. Also I will give you amazing gifts for though is best friend to a merchant, the best stuff for the best lady chocolate and roses to cant wait to find the special one


Sir Luke

Kind Sir 37

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Disguised Voice: 37

Hark now; I’m to see a comely maiden. Thou must be supporting, humble and smart. I am the son of a baker so we will n’er get hungry. I will be supporting, kind and fair-of-face. Anon! I hope I will find me an excellent well maiden.

Kind Sir 35

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Disguised Voice: 35

Good day fair maiden, I am a man of 15 years who will inherit a bakery1 months time and is an apprentice of my father. I am seeking a maiden who is fair of face, healthy, cook, loves children, and knows much in the way of learning.

I am an excellent hunter, and thou will be impressed at my excellent combat skills taught by Sir Blade, a knight, and my dear friend. I will soon own a bakery, so I can put food on the table and will always have a heated home. I am strong, healthy, handsome smart, respected in my village, and can make anything with metal, wheat and wood.

Farewell for now, I will be good husband to thee.

Kind Sir 33

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Disguised Voice: 33

I greet thee well. I am a man of 15 years. I am the right man for you, as you will see later.

My occupation is a carpenter and my father is a baker. I am humble, smart, honest, kind, agreeable and healthy. This is important because I will be nice to you, I won’t argue with you, I will not be sick, I will be able to protect you and if no one buys my stuff I can do something else for a living. I am seeking a maiden who is a good cook, helpful in the house and pretty.

Fare well. Good eve. No more to you at this time. I hope you will be pleased.

Kind Sir 31

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Disguised Voice: 31

Consider me a man of 15 years whom is a blacksmith.  I am seeking a maiden who is a great cook and pleasant to the eyes.

I am as strong as a bull.  Being a blacksmith, you will always have the right materials to survive.  My father has taught me how to protect and support a family with a bow and arrow.  I have fine hunting skills and I am as brave as a wolf.  You will certainly enjoy me as a husband because I am very humorous and a talented musician.  A very important part of my life s to be respected within the town.  I also have mutual respect for and with others.

Farewell most hardly maiden, for I shall see you as my wife.