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Throughout the year, second graders, we have become experts about having healthy bodies. We learned about the five food groups, how to make balanced meals and what foods to choose for healthy snacks. Not only did we learn about nutrition, but we also learned the importance of exercising our bodies and minds.


Share a balanced meal that you had with your family. Try to persuade and convince us that your meal was balanced. Remember to defend your balanced meal by providing us with evidence and facts to support your claim. We will write back to let you know if we agree with your claim by also using evidence and facts.

Nutrition is Important

Show what you know! Tell us why it is important to eat healthy. Share your knowledge about how eating healthy effects your body and mind. You may write information learned in class, write information that you learned in a non – fiction book or, with your parents permission of course, do some research on the computer and share what you have learned. By the way, does this type of writing sound familiar? Yes! It’s informational text writing!!!