Share a balanced meal that you had with your family. Try to persuade and convince us that your meal was balanced. Remember to defend your balanced meal by providing us with evidence and facts to support your claim. We will write back to let you know if we agree with your claim by also using evidence and facts.

83 thoughts on “Mealtime!

  1. For lunch today I had Grilled-cheese with pineapple and tomato soup and milk.Thats what I had for lunch!!!!

    • hi I had grilled cheese with pineapples and milk and tomato soup and ketchup that was ausome anyways hello and for dinner I had indian food and mangos and in my indian food there was tomatos and onions and last night I had indian food with I think spinach. !!!!

  2. You all are eating such balanced meals! I want to share what I had for lunch today. I had yogurt, avocado and tomato slices on whole wheat crackers, an orange, milk, and some nuts! Did I miss any food groups?

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