So, What Did You Do For Fitness Today?

Brain Breaks, MeMoves, Exercise! We are fitness experts on the body and mind, helping us to learn better and make our bodies strong. Share fitness activities you do at home before school, after school and on the weekends to exercise your body and brain.

17 thoughts on “So, What Did You Do For Fitness Today?

  1. I really like riding my bike too! I went for a few bike rides over the weekend down to the lake near my home. I like being able to see the different birds that live near the lake while I exercise!

    Ms. Ricco

  2. Glad to see so many bike riders! As you know, remember my small moment stories, I love riding my bike with Conrad and Lucca! How many of you are wearing helmets??

    Mrs. G

  3. For fitness a couple days ago I whent swimming and while I was swimming my brother was in a raft and I dragged my brother aroud my entire pool

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