Trees. Not only do they provide shade and sometimes fruit as the weather warms, but they also provide the very air we breathe. Trees and other plants breathe in carbon dioxide and absorb energy from the sun in order to nourish themselves, and they breathe out oxygen as a byproduct. Humans and other animals breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide, so humans and trees were meant to help each other! Unfortunately, many trees get cut down every day for the sake of various industries, which may ultimately cause our own air quality to deteriorate. Fight back! Plant a tree! Every state in the United States celebrates Arbor Day, often on the last Friday in April. Celebrate by planting your own beautiful tree. You may even be able to get a tree for free.

If you do choose to plant a tree this month, you can enter an Arbor Day contest. Submit a picture of yourself planting your tree with the hashtag #treeselfie by April 30 for a chance to win a cool book about trees or the environment! You can get started reading now with this book list.

This is NOT a South Brunswick School District Contest.

You must have your parent’s permission to enter this contest and email your picture!

With your parent’s permission email your #treeselfie to
Subject: #treeselfie contest
Include the following information in your email
Student name:
Parent email address:
Student grade level:
Tell us about the tree you planted:

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