Cycle 4 Language Arts and Digital Communication

 Cycle 4 focused on Language Arts & Digital Communication.  First grade students examined the traits of characters from picture books and learned to distinguish between factual character traits presented directly in the story and character traits that readers infer from the story.   They read several books with the character they chose to study.  After analyzing their character they made Power Point presentations describing the characters.  They also used *Wordle to make a poster to describe the character.  The first graders turned their character Power Point presentations into a guessing game.  Check out their projects and see if you can guess which character they are describing!

Cambridge School

Avani and Pablo

Ishan and Krish

Liam and Ved

Brooks Crossing School

Arnav, Anirudh, and Isha

Braden and Palash

Nina and Kavya

Merelle and Arushi

Deans School

Urja and Amaris

Amrutha, Lily and Sanjana

Rahul and Anushka

Monmouth Junction School

Tejas, Ryan and Rhea

Mia and Aheli



Cate and Graciela

Sahana, Rahi, and Rohan

Indian Fields

Kenna and Sofiyah

Pranav and Nicholas

Sana and Evan

Shivani and Amar

Vishali and Sara

Brunswick Acres

Aiden and Nicolas

Neya, Jessica, and Aditi

Shreya and Eeshani



Sai Manasa



Ayush and Mukhil



Anoushka and Sanvi

Maansi and Anika

Misha and Simran

Shrihith and Atharv