Engineering at Cambridge School

During this cycle, the students learned about different types of bridges, Engineering, and the Engineering Design Process. They learned that Engineers are creative problem solvers. The students also learned the steps of the Design Process: Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create and Improve.  The First Graders used the Design Process to complete a challenge

CHALLENGE (ASK- What is the problem?)- To design and build a bridge for the gnomes. The bridge must hold the weight of 4 gnomes and 1 wheelbarrow filled with vegetables. This is equal to the weight of 3 crayons.

IMAGINE- Brainstorm solutions. Design a bridge on the gnome village and town page.

PLAN-Share your idea with your team.  Pick one idea that your team wants to try first. Materials: Make a list of materials you would like to use to create your bridge design.
 CREATE- Follow your plan and create it.





Using the steps of the Engineering Design Process, the students worked on the challenge in small groups.  The groups shared their ideas, solutions and reflected on their work.  Through this challenge the student engineers learned the character traits needed to be a successful engineer. The students took the pictures above using an iPad or iPhone. Click on the photos to make them larger.

For more engineering ideas and websites please visit- 


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