Brooks Crossing Cycle 2 Final Projects

Plastic & the Environment:  In this cycle, 2nd Graders learned about the different types of plastic that exist and which ones can be recycled in our community.  They then researched about the effects that plastic have on the environment and learned ways to reduce the amount of plastic they use.  Students put all of the information they learned in a PowerPoint presentation.  Click on each link below to see their presentations.

We hope that you enjoy looking at them and learn something new!

Group 1

Akshat & Dayan

Aria, Shireen, & Alexis

Hyma, Anisha, & Anika

Nandita & Zanib

Group 2

Katie & Aadi

Swetha & Shaurya

Aleena & Aditya

Stephanie & Saisiddharth

Sydney & Arya

Group 3

Aashika, Vyas, & Armaan

Gavin & Hedy

Sreephani & Sumana

Swayam & Sen