Cycle 4 Language Arts and Digital Communication

  Cycle 4 focused on Language Arts & Digital Communication.  Second grade students selected one of their favorite children’s picture books.  They were presented with the challenge of bringing the book into the 21st Century by incorporating the use of technology into the book.  The second graders brainstormed a list of possible technology that could be added to their stories.  They selected the technology that they wanted to use and identified the elements of their new story.  The second graders used their story elements graphic organizer to create a book preview for their new version of their books.  They created posters using Google Presentation to advertise their new book.  We hope you enjoy their fabulous ideas and posters!!!



Donovan and Sabrina

Ayush and Meher

Sophia and Emma

Aparna and Manasa

Brunswick Acres

Mahee and Tania

Aarnav and Aleena

Kayli and Emma

Moorthy and Siya

Julia and Steven

Monmouth Junction

Amanda, Neha, and Simiao

Krish and Rhea

Aheli and Aryan

Ayush and Prianka


Reva and Avani

Sanya and Nupur

Krish, Aarav and Ishan

Pablo and Sinai

Abhiram and Liam


Anoushka, Anant, and Misha

Shrihith, Anika, and Vyanna

Navika, Lamya, and Simran

Indian Fields

Nicholas and Vishali

Sahana, Shivani and Sharanya

Arjun, Yashvita, and Ramona

Megha and Bradford

Carol and Cate

Brooks Crossing 

Luke and Sayan

Simarbir, Krish and Samantha

Madison and Nishan

Isha, Merelle, and Roma

Joshua, Megha, and Urja