Engineering 2nd Grade @ Indian Fields

During this cycle, students learned about Engineering and the Engineering Design Process. They learned that engineers think creatively about solving problems and responding to challenges that exist in our world.  Students also learned that engineers follow the steps of the Engineering Design Process to solve these problems: AskImaginePlanCreate and Improve.

Students were presented with a challenge to design a bird nest for a wildlife rescue. The nest would need to be  large enough to hold 4 eggs (marbles).  Before beginning their design, students learned about different types of bird nests and how birds construct their nest.

Challenge:  Using what you know about bird nests, create a nest that will safely hold four eggs.  The nest must meet the following criteria:

• Be large enough to hold four eggs (marbles)

• Must be made with at least 3 of the provided materials, but not more than 5

• Must have a way for the bird to get into it

• Must be sturdy/stable enough to withstand being lifted from the aluminum pan

Materials: shredded paper, newsprint, string, twine, yarn, ribbon, feathers, chenille stems, twigs, straws, scissors, glue and clay

Using the steps of the Engineering Design Process, students worked in teams to complete the challenge.


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