Brooks Crossing Cycle 2 Final Projects

In this cycle, 3rd Graders researched the difference between biodegradable and non-biodegradable.  The learned about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and what can happen when a lot of non-biodegradable things end up in our environment.  Students worked in small groups to put what they thought was the most important information in a brochure to teach their community.  The brochures were completed in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.  Click each brochure below to enlarge them.

We hope that you enjoy looking at them and learn something new!

Francesca & Maha’s Brochure

George & Vikrant’s Brochure

Melvin, Akash, & Kartik’s Brochure

Lauren, Ruchi, Ira, & Amrita’s Brochure

Anvita, Ben, & Christian’s Brochure

3rd Grade Students – Just because we are done with our cycle, doesn’t mean your thinking on this topic should stop!  Use the questions below to do some more thinking about the things we throw away. If you have a response or something to add on to what we’ve talked about, comment on this post.  It’d be great to keep our discussion going!

  • How have you begun to use less non-biodegradable things?
  • What are some ways that you have reused something you would have previously thrown away?
  • What are some creative ways to make something new with plastic bottles and containers?
  • If you were working to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, how would you begin to clean it up?  (Ex:  Would you use big nets to catch the plastic?  Would you have divers go down to clean the ocean floor?)
  • What are some other ways that you can teach people about what they throw away?
  • Explain why there really is no “away” when you throw away.
  • If you could research more on this topic, what would you research?  Why?

Community Brochure Resources

Telegraph UK Article – 20 Ways to Reduce your Plastic Consumption

Telegraph UK Article – The Problems with Plastics in the Ocean

Garbage – Think Beyond Plastic

National Geographic -Huge Garbage Patch found in the Atlantic Ocean

Squidoo – 50 Way to Reduce Plastic Use

Kidzworld Article – Facts about the Garbage Patch