Cambridge Cycle 4 – Twisted Fairy Tales

Cycle 4 focused on Language Arts & Communication.  Third grade students learned about point of view, and how it impacts the ways in which stories are told.  Students were then split into small groups and each group chose a classic fairy tale.  They started by reading the original fairy tale and identifying the story elements, which included setting, main characters, problem, main events, and solution/resolution.

After analyzing the original fairy tale, students twisted the tale to tell it from the point of view of a different character – the villain!  They worked together to plan, write, and record their story in a Podcast!  Check out how the classic fairy tales have been twisted and retold from a different point of view!  You’ll never believe what really happened!


Cambridge Cycle 4 Grade 4 Projects – 21st Century Fables

Cycle 4 focused on Language Arts & Communication.  Fourth Grade students studied fables.  They read some fables, analyzed their structure and defined the genre:  a fable is a short story that is used to teach morals/lessons to kids using talking animals.

Students were then challenged to think of ways to take fables into the 21st century.  They brainstormed technology skills and lessons that kids today need to learn.  Working in groups, they brought fables into the 21st century by creating new stories that address the needs of the 21st century student.  The audience they hope to reach are students younger than them, those in 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade.  Check out the amazing and creative work of our 4th Grade students!  We hope you enjoy their fables!

Click on the link below, and each fable will open in a new window!

CA Roshan, Olivia, Sam

CA Chandler, Manya, Ritika

CA Bella, Caroline

CA Aryan, Skyla, friend

CA Amota, Raavi