Cambridge Cycle 3 – Digital Literacy/Language Arts

The focus of Cycle 3 was Digital Literacy.  Students learned that as a writer in the 21st century, it is important to learn how to write in different mediums and using different publishing tools. During this project, 4th graders read and analyzed myths from different cultures. They defined the genre and identified the key components, including the use of Gods/Goddesses or mythical creatures to explain how something came to be.

After learning about this genre, students worked in small groups to create their own myth that explains how something in school came to be.  They created a graphic organizer for planning. Students used the web 2.0 tool StoryboardThat to create a comic to tell their myth. We hope you enjoy their creative and hard work!

Pranav & Ved

Connor & Liam

Sanya & Reva

Anna & Nupur

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