Brunswick Acres Cycle 2 – Engineering

During this cycle, students learned a great deal about Engineering, focusing on the Engineering Design Process.  Students had the opportunity to take on the role of a structural engineer with a challenge titled Waterproof that Roof! As a group, we brainstormed real-life connections and discussed the need for sturdy, waterproof structures that can withstand extreme weather.  We also did a bit of research on roof pitch and construction. Students have begun to understand the need for gutter systems, and the difference between absorbent and repellent materials. 
Aside from learning about roof design and construction, students faced real-life constraints including material choices, budget, and time. They followed the steps of the Engineering Design Process to complete their work. 

Jashanpreet, Anudi, and Julia created a clean, efficient design for their waterproof roof. The pitch of their roof allowed water to flow away from the structure. If given the opportunity to redesign, this group would create a more efficient gutter system by laying the straws sideways and angling them away from the house.

Raghava (and his partner Ark) created a waterproof roof comprised of cardboard, aluminum foil, and masking tape. Although it was waterproof, the boys agreed that a smooth roof with more of a pitch would be more effective and efficient.

Savanah, Tanish, and Anika created their waterproof roof from cardboard, masking tape, straws and aluminum foil. They carefully angled the roof and established an effective gutter system with the straws. If given the chance to redesign, this group would fasten their straws to the structure in order to maintain their efficient gutter system.


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