Brunswick Acres Cycle 4 Projects

During the 4th Cycle of Gifted & Talented, 5th grade students learned about the format and purpose of debate.  They were then split into groups and given a topic and side to debate.  Each group researched and read articles to come up with three arguments and evidence to support their side.  They also prepared for rebuttals; a chance to disprove their opponents arguments. Finally, they debated against their opposing team.

We have formed our opinions, but now we need yours!  After watching the PowerPoint presentation of arguments for each side of a topic, tell us your opinion!  Was anyone able to change your initial opinion?  Click here to vote on our debate questions.

Debate Questions:

1.  Are video games bad for kids?

2.  Should students wear uniforms to school?

Check out the videos below to see the arguments from each side.  You will see the Affirmative side first, then the Negative.