Cambridge Cycle 4 – Superhero Project

The focus of Cycle 4 was Language Arts & Communication.  During this cycle, 5th graders learned about characterization and the elements that make up a superhero.  They read and analyzed classic superhero origin stories, and compared/contrasted them.  After learning about this genre, students worked in small groups to create their own superhero.  For their superhero they were asked to identify the following elements:

  • Background
  • Public or “Secret” Identity
  • Place of Residence
  • Special Powers
  • Special Equipment
  • Appearance
  • Weaknesses/Enemies
  • Catch Phrase/Slogan

Students then wrote the origin story for their superhero and created an illustration.  Finally, students used the web 2.0 tool Animoto to create a video trailer introducing their superhero to the world!  We hope you enjoy their creative and hard work!

Superhero Origin Stories

CA Amani, Jada, Maddy

CA Rohit, Chris, Sudharshan

CA Ria, Nivedita

CA Nikhil, Paolo, Sagar

CA Shreya, Joelle, Anya, Amanda

Superhero Animoto Videos