Monmouth Junction Cycle 3 – Digital Literacy/Language Arts

The focus of Cycle 3 was Digital Literacy.  Students learned that as a writer in the 21st century, it is important to learn how to write in different mediums and using different publishing tools. In this project, 5th grade students worked in teams to create their own superhero. They then presented their superhero to the world in two ways. During this project, 5th graders learned about character development and the elements that make up a superhero. They read and analyzed classic superhero origin stories, and learned about the two different types of origin. After learning about this genre, students worked in small groups to create their own superhero.  For their superhero they were asked to identify the following elements:

  • Background
  • Public or “Secret” Identity
  • Place of Residence
  • Special Powers
  • Special Equipment
  • Appearance
  • Weaknesses/Enemies
  • Catch Phrase/Slogan

Students typed the origin story for their superhero in Google Drive.  Finally, students used the web 2.0 tool Animoto to create a video trailer introducing their superhero to the world!  We hope you enjoy their creative and hard work!

Superhero Origin Stories

Veronica Valencia – Maya & Delali

Mentorus – Nitish & Farhan

Electra – Kareena & Ria

Camo-man – Mitalee, Christine, Aditri

Magnia – Meghana & Sara

Gamma Ray – Ved & Aaron

Superhero Video Trailers

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