2017 Engineering Cycle

Students who participated in the Kindergarten Engineering Cycle learned about Engineering, and the Engineering Design Process. They learned that Engineers are creative problem solvers and there are many different engineering jobs. The students also learned the steps of the Design Process: Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create and Improve. Using the steps of the Engineering Design Process, the students worked on the challenge in small groups. The groups shared their ideas, solutions and reflected on their work. Part of the challenge involved taking on the real challenges an engineer faces and having to work within constraints or limits. The kindergarten engineers had to work in material and time constraints. Through this challenge the student engineers learned the character traits needed to be a successful engineer. The students took pictures using an iPad or iPhone. Kindergarten students who participated in this cycle will bring home a special code for their parents to view the photos of their creations and learn more about their project. For more engineering ideas and websites please visit- blogs.sbschools.org/gandt



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