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Hello Reflective Readers! Good readers take the time to look back on what they have been reading. Think back on your independent reading book from this week. Please share any thoughts, connections, predictions or wonderings that you may have. I cannot wait to read over your responses.

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  1. G1812 says:

    Hi Teacher Im Liking The Blog. PEACE!

  2. G0512 says:

    Hi,really nice story.

  3. G1712 says:

    im gonna miss u in 4th grade !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![sad face]

  4. G1812 says:

    Oranges Have Seeds,Banana’s do to,

  5. G1812 says:

    Also Star Fruit Have Seeds

  6. G1812 says:

    Black berries to, Mangoes, peaches, plums, grapes, pares, tangerines, and blueberries.

  7. G2012 says:

    Fruit with seeds
    Star fruit,cucumbers, Pineapple,Bananas,Strawberries,Pickles and Watermeln. P.s. Happy Valintines Day!

  8. 22012 says:

    Hi Mrs.Gehringer, today I read Turtle Watch by:George Ancona.
    The book is about 2 girls that find sea sea turtle eggs. I would recommended this book because it has real pictures and lots of captions.
    Once I found eggs from a bird, but I left them alone.

    See you soon,
    love Jai

  9. G2012 says:

    Hi Mrs.Gehringer this week I read Turtle Watch by:George Ancona.The book is about 2 girls that find turtle eggs and help baby sea turtles hatch. I would recommend this book because it has real pictures and lots of captions! See you tomorrow :)


  10. G212 says:

    This week I read Christmas in Camelot by Mary Pope Osbourne. This book is apart of the Magic Treehouse Series. It is about how Jack and Annie go to Camelot to save Christmas. I would recommend this book to my classmates because it’s a good Christmas story to read that is very entertaining.

  11. G212 says:

    P.S it is a very good book to read in winter

  12. G212 says:

    I love this blog and you Mrs.Gehringer :D

  13. G1012 says:

    Hi Mrs.Gerhringer this week I read the book called Good For You!
    You should try this you place eight coins in your pocket. For every
    cup of liquid you drink,move one of the coins into another pocket.
    By the end of the day,you should have transferred all of the coins.
    So that is what I all of us to try.

    P.S see you tomorrow ;0 ;) :( :)

  14. G1212 says:

    Hello Mrs. Gehringer,

    This week the book I read was Nancy Drew The Hidden Staircase by : Carolyn Keene .The book was about a girl named Nancy, who is trying to solve a mystery about a haunted mansion and she found out there was a secret passage.I really like this series because this is a very mysterios book and it is very intresting. While reading a connection I made was that once I went to a haunted house and there was a lot of creepy things happening [There was green eyes staring at us, long claws reaching toward us, and blood dripping from the ceiling] I reccomend this book because after you read one sentence, you can not wait to find out what will happen next. I had so much fun reading this book!!! I hope you can come accross this book one day!

    Thanks for the time,

  15. G2112 says:

    Dear Mrs.Gehringer,

    This week, I read a book called Andrew Lost In Time.
    It was about kids named Andrew, Judy, and a robot
    named Thudd. They accidentally get trapped in
    time with a time machine called the Time O Tron.
    But an evil scientist named Dr.Kron Tox is after them.
    Lucky for Andrew that he and Judy stopped the
    Time O Tron from going too much in to the past.
    I would recommend this book to everyone
    because it has the best of the best action,
    a lot of details, and a good closing.
    I hope you could read Andrew Lost
    In Time.I cant wait until I read a
    new book.


  16. G412 says:

    Dear Mrs. Gehringer my independent reading is Chocolate Fever I predict that he is going to get rid of the (brown spots)

  17. G212 says:

    This week I read Alice in Wonderland which is also the South Brunswick reads book I recommend this book because it is a wonderful book that is also very funny ;p

  18. G2112 says:

    This week, I read a book called Summer Reading Is Killing Me!
    It was about three kids- Joe, Sam, and Fred. The book was
    about Joe, Sam, and Fred getting sucked inside a book
    that led to other books.
    There was the book
    The Frog And The Toad, 20,000 Leagues Under The
    Sea, and you name it!
    If you read a book about a teddy bear, you
    sould be sorry! (If your wondering whats up
    with teddy bears, you should read the
    book I am telling you about.)

  19. G212 says:

    This week I read George Washington Carver, it was a biography book. It was interesting to read about Carver, also known for the peanut man and what he did in his life therefore,I recommend the book George Washington Carver for people who like to know new stuff about famous people.:D

  20. G1712 says:

    This week I read The Boxcar Children:Mystery Ranch.It was very interesting to read about.I recommend this for readers like me if you are interested in mystery books.


  21. g1212 says:

    hola! Mrs.Gehringer,

    This week the book I read was Nancy Drew and the Mysterious Letter. By: Carolyn Keene. The book was about a girl named Nancy and she wants to solve a mystery of missing mail letters.I found this book very interesting because the book was very mysterious and if you need to figure out what will happen next you have to understand it by yourself,it will not directly tell you some information. While reading a connection I made was that I once heard someone say that a mail man should not put the bag inside a house.I proudly recommend this book because after one word,you can not understand what will happen next. You have to read the next paragraph to figure out what it means.I had a lot of time enjoying this book, hope you read it one day!!!!!!!

    thanks for your reading time,

  22. G2012 says:

    Dear Mrs.Gehringer this week I read Sam Samurai. Sam Samurai is about 3 boys
    who go back in time to 16th century Japan.I would recommend this book because has lots laughs and real information. I cant wait to wright about my reading next week by for now!


  23. G212 says:

    konichwa! Mrs. Gehringer,

    this week I read Nancy Drew the clue crew and the halloween mystery it was about how Nancy and her 2 friends try to figure out if there are ghosts there or not.Will she find out if there are ghosts or not?Read the book to find out! :D

  24. G1712 says:

    hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!this week i read fear street:wrong number 2.it was very mysterious and yet very interesting.i liked this book and recommend this book for readers who are in for nightmares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ps.:] [smiley face] pps.ur awesome and i just wanted u to know!!!!!!!!!!! [giggle]

  25. G1712 says:

    Hi!This week I read the boxcar kids: The Woodshed Mystery.It was interesting. I would reccomend this book for kids who love mysteries.

  26. G2012 says:

    Dear mrs.Gehringer this week I read Dobblecross motter cross by Jake Maddox it was about 2 boys who got sponserd by Jamesbikes and became champions! (:

    Read to yah next week,

  27. G1712 says:

    Dear Mrs.Gehringer,
    This week I read Fourth Grade Celeberity.It is about a girl who wants to be popular like her sister ,Vanessa,and hopes to become class presidant and wishes to be popular by the end of the school year.

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