How To Study For The Geography Bee

Students will be responsible for studying and preparing for the Geo Bee on their own time. All students will receive the same questions, regardless of whether they are fourth or fifth graders. National Geographic provides the questions that will be used in the competition.

The questions will be related to these topics:
—general U.S. and world geography (such as locations, capitals, major cities/rivers/mountain ranges, national parks, population, cultural geography such as languages, religions, currencies, key products, superlatives—highest mountain range, longest river, etc.);
—physical U.S. and world geography (such as climate, major landforms, map reading, etc.)
geographical terms, economic, political, historical geography and more.

Useful tools for studying:
1) Maps (esp. blank outline maps)
2) Atlases
3) Globes
4) Books such as almanacs, geographical dictionaries, geography fact books
5) Internet:
The National Geographic website has a “Study Corner” with tips for studying for the Bee and includes daily geography quizzes:

National Geographic Geo Bee Website

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Good luck!