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March 11, 2011

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

Morning Meeting Share:

To give every child a chance to share a story during Morning Meeting, I created the following schedule below.  Please remind your child of his/her day and work with him/her on planning what to share.

 Tuesdays:  Stephanie, Sidant, Jolina, Olivia, David
Wednesdays:  Madhi, Aazam, Sumuk, Andrew, Nikki
Thursdays:  Yaseen, Jake, Zoe, Nicholas, Kriti
Fridays:  Christopher, Mariyah, Kavya, Prisha, Megan

 Read Across America:

Last week schools across the country celebrated Read Across America.  Every day we used the SMARTBoard to read an E-book on with Mrs. Flannigan’s kindergarten class.  In addition, we read a lot of Dr. Seuss books and did many activities to go along with the books.  For example, after reading Green Eggs and Ham, students created their own page for our class book version.  Instead of saying “I am Sam, Sam I am.  I do not like green eggs and ham,”  the students wrote their own name, and chose a different colored food to complete the sentence.  Also, after learning the word family “at” students wrote as many –at words on a Dr. Seuss hat.

 Science Five Senses:

One of our largest science units this school year is learning about the five senses.  Each week, the students are participating in a couple of experiments to become more aware of their senses.  Last week students focused on sight.  This week, students are learning about hearing.  One of the activities required students to design a megaphone to increase the volume/sound of our voices.  Another activity required students to shake film containers and guess what was put inside.  Sometime in April, all the kindergarten parents will be invited into the school for a five senses performance!  I’ll keep you updated.


In math, students started learning about addition/combining using manipulations.  One of our first lessons required students to take a certain number of tiles and rearrange them in as many ways as they could.  The purpose of this was to show them that numbers can be looked at in more than one way.  From there, we moved into combining manipulatives by saying “3 AND 2 IS 5.”  Students played a game that required them to roll 2 dice, add up the numbers, and then graph the sum.  Now that students have an understanding of combining numbers, we are moving into the symbolic form of addition with the plus and equals sign.  Ask your child how we used dominos to write addition sentences.  After this unit, we will move into subtraction.


Students are creating “How To” books which teach others how to do something.  The children brainstormed a list of things they are good at doing.  From those topics, they picked one and orally told the steps across their fingers with their writing partner.  After students planned out their story, they sketched, labeled their pictures, and added sentences.  Some topics children wrote about were how to ride your bike, how to brush your teeth, how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, how to draw a flower, etc.  Discuss with your child some other ideas they could create a book about!