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May 13

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

Thank you for attending our Five Senses Program.  The children were very proud and excited to share their day with you!  It is hard to imagine the school year is almost over!  :(

 We are looking forward to our class trip this Friday to the Plainsboro Preserve and Roland Park.  Please check your child’s folder some time next week for additional details.

 Last week students attended Cambridge’s Variety Show in the gym.

For the past two weeks students have been learning about 2D and 3D figures.  Children learned to identify a sphere, rectangular prism, triangular prism, cone, cylinder, square pyramid, and triangular pyramid.  We discussed real life objects that come in these shapes.  The children loved using marshmallows and toothpicks to create a geometric shape.  Also, students used critical thinking to arrange pattern blocks into various shapes.  Finally, we learned how to rotate, slip, and slide objects.

 Now we are learning about measuring with unifix cubes.  Students went on many hunts around the classroom to predict and determine the measurement of various things.  For example, they measured the length of their cubby, a lincoln log, a toy train track, a book, etc.  We also read and acted out a book called How Big Is A Foot?, which the children loved.  It was about a king who wanted to make a bed for the queen and used his feet to measure the queen.  When the apprentice went to make the bed, his feet were smaller than the king’s feet.  Therefore, the bed ended up being too small for the queen.  From this story, the children learned we need to use consistent measurement.  This is still a hard concept for the children to grasp.  After the story, students took plastic feet and measured the length of one another.  Ask your child how many feet long they are!

Each week we are sorting and writing new blends such as sp, sn, etc.  I increased the level of difficulty on the literature club books so please write me a note if you are finding the book too easy/challenging for your child.  Now that we have finished writing our All About books for Mother’s Day, we will finish the school year with a unit on poetry.

April 29 Newsletter

Sunday, May 1st, 2011


Next Friday, May 6th is our 5 senses show from 2pm – 3pm.  We will meet in the gym and then come back to the classroom for a little bit.  We look forward to seeing you!


This week we wrapped up our subtraction unit.  Students have been getting a lot of reinforcement using manipulatives and a number line to subtract larger numbers.  Students understand that a subtraction sentence can be written horizontally and vertically.  It is still challenging for the students to remember that the bigger number has to come first.  On Thursday, the children enjoyed using goldfish to represent their sentences.  They also used the goldfish to create their own subtraction sentences.  Next week I will introduce geometry (2D and 3D shapes).


We are finished writing How To stories and are currently working on making All About books.  Shortly we will be starting a unit on poetry.  Also, we are spending a lot of time improving our handwriting strokes in our handwriting book.


Spanish is going well and we continue to watch and discuss a Spanish video each week.  This week we started a new Spanish series on Little Red Riding Hood.  Ask your child how to say wolf, grandma, and “I like.”


Children have been using the iPads during centers and Free Choice.  They are providing the children with an engaging way to practice concepts I’d like to reinforce.


Every Monday, three students from Cambridge’s pre-school program join us for Free Choice.  The students of course have been very welcoming and nurturing to our guests.  On Wednesday, we attended a school assembly and watched Cambridge students put on the play Seussical.