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October 28 Talking Points

Friday, October 28th, 2011

Ask your child about:

-Using their sense of smell, touch, and sight to explore homemade pumpkin spice play dough.  Students turned the play dough into a pumpkin and added it to our mini pumpkin patch.
-Learning about Diwali and creating rangoli (which are hanging up in the classroom)
-The SMARTBoard lesson on recycling and composting in Cambridge School
-Fire safety facts and making a fireman’s hat
-Different ways they can sort macaroni and ghosts (and coming up with a rule for sorting such as by shape, size, color)
-Using number and color words to create a monster for our class book (Ex: My monster has 6 red eyes)
-Storytelling with Mrs. Garwood
-The letter Jj (rainbow write, buddy reading the Jj book)
-Labeling our sketches and writing words in Writing Workshop
-Mystery Reader

October 21st Talking Points

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Ask your child about:

-Sorting snacks by shape
-Using the SMART Board to sort animals in more than 1 way such as color, size, how they move, how many legs, etc.
-Finishing our counting book to 12
-Storytelling with Mrs. Garwood
-Starting Writing Workshop:  Ask your child about the writing process through the song “Think think think, sketch sketch sketch, think and write…think and write.”
-Labeling their sketches in writing workshop
-Orally telling their writing story across 3 fingers (beginning, middle, end)
-Reading and discussing A House For Hermit Crab by Eric Carle for the letter H.  Ask your child how their house is decorated similar to how the hermit crab decorates his shell.
-Making a hermit crab out of a paper plate and red handprint
-Using red, yellow, and orange paint to create a fire truck fighting a fire
-Opening the Block Center during Free Choice
-Listening to fall and pumpkin books with our Mystery Reader

October 14 Talking Points

Friday, October 14th, 2011

Ask your child about:

-Fall nature walk (hunting for leaves to sort and create leaf animals/people)
-Firemen visit for Fire Safety month (ask me what I learned!)
-Storytelling activity by music teacher Mrs. Garwood
-Mystery reader
-Attribute Match-Up:  A game sorting shapes by color, thick, thin, big, small, etc.
-The 2 sounds the letter “Aa” makes
-Continuing our Counting Book
-The read aloud Mouse Count
-The read aloud and song Today Is Monday

October 7 Talking Points

Friday, October 7th, 2011

We had a fun-filled busy week!  Ask your child about:

-Getting introduced at Convocation (school-wide assembly to meet the new students and share our class goal for the year:  To take pride in our work)
-Using the iPads
-Our first Mystery Reader
-Starting our Number Book (writing and illustrating numbers 0 – 3)
-Tissue paper art collage for the letter T
-The game Button Match Up (students worked in pairs to sort buttons by color, shape, number of holes, etc.)