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April 27th Talking Points

Friday, April 27th, 2012

Ask your child about:

-Reading and writing words from the word family “an”
-The sight word “am”
-Using the + and = sign to write and solve addition sentences
-Using dominos to write addition sentences
-Understanding how 3 + 5 has the same sum at 5 + 3
-Practicing addition on the iPad using “Dino Math”
-Writing How To books by labeling pictures and writing steps in order
-A Spanish lesson on body parts
-Two mystery sibling readers!

April 13th Talking Points

Friday, April 13th, 2012

Ask your child about:

-Learning the word family “ap” by creating a book and writing/illustrating “ap” words
-Creating a book about the places they go for the sight word “go.”
-Using their five senses to write a book about Spring
-Playing “Racing Bears” and “Roll and Record” to show combining numbers (addition)
-Adding numbers using the words “and” and “is”
-Continuing “How To” stories in writing workshop
-Handwriting book
-Spanish lesson on manners
-Mystery reader