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May 11th Talking Points

Friday, May 11th, 2012

Ask your child about:

-Solving addition story problems using pictures, number, and words
-Listening to a subtraction story about meatballs and acting out the math
-Subtracting using goldfish
-The sight word SHE
-Finishing our Spanish unit (discussing amigos/friendship)
-Preparing for Mother’s Day :)
-The plant sale
-Mystery reader

May 4th Talking Points

Friday, May 4th, 2012

Ask your child about:

-The holiday Cinco de Mayo (honors the victory of a Mexican army over a French army)
-Making sombreros (hanging up), the Mexican flag, and dancing to “Jarabe Tapatio” (the Mexican Hat Dance) for Cinco de Mayo
-How to read and write words from the word family “ab”
-Reading and writing books with the sight word “you”
-Publishing one of our “How To” stories into a book by revising, rewriting, coloring, and adding a detail sentence to each page.
-Playing addition baseball
-Mystery reader