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January 25th Talking Points

Friday, January 25th, 2013

Ask your child about:

-Music concert
-Mystery reader
-Reading many books about Martin Luther King Jr.
-Writing facts about Martin Luther King Jr.
-Brainstorming our own dreams for a peaceful world
-Using a number line to show less and more (playing math games to demonstrate this)
-Sight word tower game
-Roll a sight word game
-Playing the Super Why app in reading workshop to support children in spelling words and to remind them that when reading books, the pictures and words have to make sense together.
-Writing “All About” books and what the common features All About books have: subheadings, labeled pictures, page numbers, facts, etc.

January 18th Talking Points

Friday, January 18th, 2013

Ask your child about…

-The music assembly about Beethoven and Mozart
-The mystery reader on Wed and Fri!
-Learning new strategies in reading workshop such as solving words using the beginning and ending sounds, solving words by chunking, asking questions during reading, and sequencing a story by telling the beginning, middle, and end
-Word study sorts (sorts will be getting harder next week!)
-Using a number line in math
-Determining 1 less/1 more and 2 less/2 more than a number…and explaining HOW they know
-Starting All About Books in writing workshop
-Learning many facts about Penguins
-Reading Snowmen at Night and using pastels to create our own snow scene
-Reading digital books on

January 11th Talking Points

Friday, January 11th, 2013

Ask your child about:

-Yesterday’s day in Mrs. Ruina’s classroom because the preschool children needed our classroom (sewer fixes were being done in the preschool building)
-The mystery reader
-Moving the SMARTboard permanently to the front of our room to use on a regular basis! Ask your child how we do morning meeting and calendar using it.
-Continuing the use 10 frames to show and represent groups of tens and ones
-Counting backward (you can practice this at home)
-Counting on from a random number (You can practice this with your child at home too)
-Making predictions before and during reading
-Comparing and contrasting two read alouds (The Mitten and The Napping House)
-Creating a CAFÉ bulletin board to keep track of all of our reading strategies (CAFÉ stands for Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, Expand vocabulary). Currently we have predictions and check for understanding under Comprehension and identifying sight words under Expand vocabulary. These are strategies you can reinforce when reading with your child at home too.
-Reading fiction and nonfiction books about hibernation. We made a craft with cotton balls to represent a bear hibernating in winter, hanging up in the room.

January 4th Talking Points

Friday, January 4th, 2013

Happy New Year!

Ask your child about:

-Going over classroom rules, procedures, and expectations
-Making a school-based new year’s resolution (updating our hopes and dreams from September)
-Ordering the numbers 2013 and decorating them with glitter
-Using “10 frames” to show numbers over 20 and reviewing tens and ones place.
-How to pick a “just fit” book during reading workshop (I PICK: I look at the book, Purpose – I have a reason for reading this book, Interest – does it excite me, Comprehend-do I understand it, Know-do I know most of the words on a page)
-Continuing in our handwriting book (you can review with your child writing in lower case letters and forming their letters starting from top to bottom)
-Re-reading Have You Filled A Bucket Today? to remind students about the importance of being “bucket fillers” as one of our resolutions