February 22nd Talking Points

Ask your child about:

-The mystery reader
-Our class trip to the state theater to see The Ugly Duckling and The Tortoise and the Hare
-Two Rider assistant teachers (interns) visiting us for a couple of week every Thursday. Their names are Miss Occhiogrosso and Miss Hegenauer.
-Dental health: Making a model mouth out of marshmallows and writing a story about what we think the tooth fairy does with all the teeth
-President’s Day: reading books, listening to songs on YouTube, voting on our favorite president, and creating Lincoln’s log cabin out of pretzel sticks.
-Money! We learned the physical characteristics of a penny and nickel so far. See if your child remembered who and what is on the heads and tails side! Also, ask your child about how the book A Chair For My Mother relates to money.
-How children and adults use money in their daily lives.

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