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January 13 Talking Points

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Ask your child about:

-Game Board morning (for the letter G)
-The letter C and G book, buddy reading, handwriting, sorts
-Making cozy campires with a parent volunteer for the letter C
-Playing Futaba on the iPad to recognize words
-Reading The Mitten (students first drew their predication on one mitten and by the end of the book, they drew what really happened on the other mitten).  Before reading books with your child at home, you can ask them to predict what they think will happen based on the cover.
-Sorting snowmen in math and what their “rule” for sorting was
-Reading The Little Red Sled and creating a sled out of a candycane
-Making a snowman from our footprint with a parent volunteer
-Starting a new writing unit called Small Moments where we worked on listening to stories to see how authors stretch out a small moment.  Ask your child about the book A Chair For My Mother and what words the author used to describe the chair.

Watch Our Second iMovie!

Friday, January 6th, 2012

Click the link below to watch our iMovie:

Gift of A Memory

January 6th Talking Points

Friday, January 6th, 2012
Ask your child about:
-The assembly about Mozart
-Mystery reader
-Using new “apps” on the iPad such as reading digital books and spelling sight words.
-After revisiting our classroom rules (to take care of yourself, others, things, and try your best), we reread the book Have You Filled A Bucket Today? Then we created our own buckets of happiness hanging on our bulletin board.  Ask your child how he/she will “fill” other people’s buckets with happiness this New Year.
-The letter Y (Y book, buddy reading, how to write a Yy, making a Yy person).
-Reading Snowmen at Night by Caralyn Buehner and using pastels to illustrate and write what our snowmen would do at night if he/she came alive (hanging up in our classroom).
-New Year’s activities such as making party hats, 2012 signs, writing New Year’s Resolutions (hanging up in our classroom).

December 16th Talking Points

Friday, December 16th, 2011

Ask your child about:

-Hanukkah symbols/traditions
-Making a handprint menorah

-Listening to the story The Magic Dreidels.  Ask your child what the dreidels spun out

-Making our own magic dreidel.  Ask your child what their dreidel spun out (hanging in our classroom)
-How to play the dreidel game and what each symbol on the dreidel means.
-Parent volunteer reading a Christmas story and tasting a candy cane Christmas cookie
-Tracing, cutting, and decorating a gingerbread person out of cardstock after reading the story and poem “The Gingerbread Man”
-Letter S
-Letter W
-Representing numbers 10 – 20 with unifix cubes on the “20 frame”
-Writing the pattern book “When I Was Little”


Friday, December 16th, 2011

My first games:  find the difference  (Lite or $1.99)…identifying what’s the same and different in pictures

Coin toss (Free)…students can see all heads and tails side of all coins and flip the coin to keep a tally

Jar of Marbles (free)…matching same colored marbles

Highlights Hidden Pictures ($1.99)…critical thinking

FourinARow (Free)…identical to the board game Connect 4

123 Domino (Lite of $1.99)…critical thinking puzzles

Candy Count (free)… Sorting, basic counting, review of terms

fewest & greatest

Dot To Dot Numbers & Letters (Lite or $1.99)…connect the dots by following numbers or letters to create a picture

Addition undersea adventures (Lite or $1.99)

Eye math subtraction (lite or $1.99)

Dino Math (lite or $1.99)…addition and subtraction practice

Magnetic ABC (Lite or $1.99)…use during Guided Reading to have the students spell words and identify letters

ShowMe (free)…works as a whiteboard that I use this during Guided Reading to have students draw/write a response activity

ABC Tracer (Lite or $1.99)…Students practice tracing uppercase, lowercase, and numbers

Futaba (Lite or $1.99)…individual or group game where students identify a word by looking at a picture

Build A Word (free)…students listen to the word and drag the tile letters to spell it

Little Speller Sight Words (Lite or $1.99)…students match tile letters onto the word and then hear it read aloud

Pop Words (free)… Word finding game. Drag your finger to select letter tiles to make words.

Free Choice

Checkers (free)

Mancala (free)

Touch Hockey (free)

FlickFootball (free)

Find the Ball (free)

Coloring (free)

November 18th Talking Points

Friday, November 18th, 2011

Ask your child about:

-How they made bread and what ingredients they used
-The shapes they used to make a Scarecrow
-Handprint turkeys
-Making a cornucopia
-Playing the math counting game “In the Dog House”
-Creating “List” stories in Writing Workshop (Classroom List, Birthday List, Vacation List)
-The letter Bb
-Starting word study groups (sorting letters/pictures/words)
-Mystery reader


September 16 Talking Points

Friday, September 16th, 2011

Ask your child about:

-The books we’ve read:  Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Martha Shares, Sally’s Room
-Constitution Day memory game
-Macaroni M
-Using math tools such as unifix cubes, pattern blocks, and dominoes
-Decorating their first initial
-Creating our classroom rules
-Free Choice

September 1st Talking Points

Friday, September 9th, 2011

-Patriot Day:  Learning the Pledge of Allegiance and reading/illustrating the Pledge of Allegiance book

-Guided Discoveries:  Pencils, crayons, markers, scissors

-Read Aloud Miss Bindgergarten Gets Ready For Kindergarten:  Ask your child about the class book we created on how Miss Kamm’s Class Gets Ready For Kindergarten.

-Read Aloud Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See:  Students acted out the story using animals.  Then we acted out the story using our classmate’s names.  Ask your child to sing you the words.

-Free Choice:  Dominos, bristle blocks, lincoln logs, trains, coloring, puzzles, logos, bright builders

-Friends:  How many friends in the class can you name?

-Specials:  Art, Music, PE

June 10

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

*Reminder:  Field Day is Monday.  Please send in disposable water bottle for your child to take out on the playground.


For the remainder of the year, students will be working on projects to challenge their math thinking.  One of the projects requires students to make a 12 car train for a clown to use in the circus.  Students need to follow all of the clown’s guidelines such as there needs to be at least 2 patterns, have 2 or more colors, and have 3 or more geometric shapes.


We are wrapping up the year with poetry.  Students made an ing poem that required them to choose an animal and list action words ending with ing.  We will be doing acrostic, diamante, and more.

Your child will be bringing home their writing folder soon.  This can stay at home.  Before the school year ends, I will send home a writing journal students can use over the summer.

Also, we are getting close to finishing our study of sight words.  Please continue to use the sight word game at home during the summer to maintain vocabulary knowledge.  This will help your child’s reading and writing abilities.


We finished the school year with a unit on living and nonliving things.  Students understand that living things use their senses.  They grow, breathe, and need water.  Students enjoyed creating a greenhouse for lima beans.  Hopefully you were able to plant their lima bean and watch it grow.  If yours didn’t grow, please let me know and I can send some more home.


The children are almost finished completing their handwriting book.  They will be coming home soon.  Any missed pages can be completed over the summer if you’d like.


Our Spanish unit has come to an end.  Students now know a large amount of vocabulary and can use those words to complete the phrase I like (Me gusta…).  These lessons will continue each year.  By third grade, students are ready to attend Spanish class with the Spanish teacher.

End of the Year

It is important for the children to reflect on how far they have come as kindergartners.  As a way to look back on the year, students will be working on a Kindergarten memory book.  This will come home near the end of the school year.  In addition, students will be coming home with other books they have worked on throughout the school year.

Our end of the party will be on Wednesday, June 22nd.  Mrs. Khan has a lot of wonderful crafts and activities planned for our luau.  I still can’t believe how fast this school year went.  I am going to miss them so much!

April 29 Newsletter

Sunday, May 1st, 2011


Next Friday, May 6th is our 5 senses show from 2pm – 3pm.  We will meet in the gym and then come back to the classroom for a little bit.  We look forward to seeing you!


This week we wrapped up our subtraction unit.  Students have been getting a lot of reinforcement using manipulatives and a number line to subtract larger numbers.  Students understand that a subtraction sentence can be written horizontally and vertically.  It is still challenging for the students to remember that the bigger number has to come first.  On Thursday, the children enjoyed using goldfish to represent their sentences.  They also used the goldfish to create their own subtraction sentences.  Next week I will introduce geometry (2D and 3D shapes).


We are finished writing How To stories and are currently working on making All About books.  Shortly we will be starting a unit on poetry.  Also, we are spending a lot of time improving our handwriting strokes in our handwriting book.


Spanish is going well and we continue to watch and discuss a Spanish video each week.  This week we started a new Spanish series on Little Red Riding Hood.  Ask your child how to say wolf, grandma, and “I like.”


Children have been using the iPads during centers and Free Choice.  They are providing the children with an engaging way to practice concepts I’d like to reinforce.


Every Monday, three students from Cambridge’s pre-school program join us for Free Choice.  The students of course have been very welcoming and nurturing to our guests.  On Wednesday, we attended a school assembly and watched Cambridge students put on the play Seussical.