How To: Create a Slideshow with iPhoto ’11 for MacBook


  1. First transfer your photos onto a MacBook. Then open the iPhoto ’11 application, select ‘File’ from the menu bar, and then select ‘Import to Library…’ From there select the photos you want imported and then hit ‘Import.’ Now you can select the photos in iPhoto you want in your slideshow. You can always change the photos in the slideshow later.
  2. Now that your pictures are imported you are ready to create your slideshow. From the menu bar click ‘File,’ then ‘New Slideshow.’ On the left side of the screen you will see an editable field for you to type in the title for your slideshow. This list where you typed in your title is called the Source List.
  3. Now find the pictures you want for your slideshow and drag them on top of the title of your slideshow in the Source List. If you are just using the pictures from the last import you did then they will be found under ‘Last Import’ in the Source List. You will see your pictures appear in a row on the top of iPhoto. Feel free to drag your pictures around to the order in which you want the pictures to appear.
  4. To choose a theme, click the Themes button in the toolbar on the bottom right. To see a preview of each option, move your pointer over the thumbnail.
  5. To enter text to go along with any of your pictures first select the picture you want to have text. Once your picture is highlighted click the Text Slide button in the toolbar. Enter your text. You may also change the font by highlighting the text and then clicking the trackpad with two fingers at once.
  6. To choose a song to go along with your slideshow, click the Music button in the toolbar. You may choose songs included in iPhoto already or you can import your own music.
  7. To change settings for your slideshow, click the Settings button in the toolbar and adjust the settings as you see fit. Generally, I prefer the settings as such:
    I prefer to fit the slideshow to the length of the music, I like to show the title slide, and I uncheck the repeat slideshow option.
  8. To play the slideshow, click the Slideshow button in the toolbar.
    Image of the Play button in the toolbar

While a slideshow is playing, move your pointer to make the slideshow controls appear:

Screenshot of the slideshow controls
   9.  As you watch your slideshow, you may want to make certain changes. Hit the escape button on your keyboard to exit and then make your adjustments.
   10.  Once you feel your slideshow is complete hit the ‘Export’ button to save it as a video file. You will be asked which size you want to save it in. ‘Display’ is the choice I prefer since it offers the best quality. If you are unsure you can select all the sizes and then decide later which one you want to keep and which ones you want to delete. From here you can save it to a USB drive or even share it on any of your social media networks for.
Hope this was helpful! Enjoy!
-Mr. Mendo

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