Statement of Purpose

I have been a math teacher for nine years now in the state of New Jersey. I recently had an original iPad and investigated ways to incorporate iPads for student use in the classroom for more efficient and productive methods of learning. Using this new tool has been very exciting, however, I can see it as a jungle as well because of the seemingly limitless choices of apps, ebooks, digital textbooks, etc. and that’s not including the educational value that can be found through the internet and youtube app among other things. I have created this blog as a means to organize my findings for personal use while also hoping fellow teachers of the South Brunswick School District as well as all other teachers and administrators throughout may also find these productive methods of iPad use in the classroom helpful as well. Please feel free to share this with anyone who may also find this helpful. I will also include other uses of technology beyond just the iPad as well.

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-Mr. Mendonez but Mr. Mendo for short ;)