How To: Create Hollywood Style Movie Trailers with iMovie ’11

Here is another great tutorial for iMovie but this one is more specifically on how to create movie trailers. Making movie trailers is actually easier than making your own movie clips because you are basically just importing your video clips into a template. The music and transitions are already added in for you. If you are just beginning on learning iMovie creating a movie trailer maybe what you want to try out first. Once you get the hang of it then try creating your own movie clip so that you have the freedom to make it how you want rather than following a template. That being said, here is the tutorial on creating movie trailers with iMovie ’11:

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments. Hope this helped!

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How To: Use iMovie ’11 to Make Video Clips

Check out some iMovie clips I made

How To: Use iMovie ’11 to Make Video Clips

Here is a great tutorial I found on YouTube on how to use iMovie ’11 to make video clips. This is a great video for anyone who is learning to use iMovie for the first time. He shows you how to import videos, grab clips, add music, fade sound in and out, add photos, text, and transitions, and more. Have a look and please feel free to let me know if you have any questions or comments!

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How To: Create Hollywood Style Movie Trailers with iMovie ’11

Check out some iMovie clips I made

How To: Create Songs Using GarageBand ’11

I found a great video tutorial on how to create songs using GarageBand ’11. This is perfect for those who have never used Garageband before. It shows how simple it is to use and gives the basics for anyone to get started.

Hope this was helpful. Drop a line in the comments if you have any questions or comments!

How To: Create a Slideshow with iPhoto ’11 for MacBook


  1. First transfer your photos onto a MacBook. Then open the iPhoto ’11 application, select ‘File’ from the menu bar, and then select ‘Import to Library…’ From there select the photos you want imported and then hit ‘Import.’ Now you can select the photos in iPhoto you want in your slideshow. You can always change the photos in the slideshow later.
  2. Now that your pictures are imported you are ready to create your slideshow. From the menu bar click ‘File,’ then ‘New Slideshow.’ On the left side of the screen you will see an editable field for you to type in the title for your slideshow. This list where you typed in your title is called the Source List. Continue reading

iOS Tip: Alternatives to iOS Stock Apps for iPhone & iPad

hero_frontApple’s core iOS apps are good enough for what they are intended for but there are much better apps out there that can improve your iPhone or iPad experience. A lot of them are free and the others are worth the price tag. Here I will offer a list and short review of each. Continue reading

App Review: MyScript Calculator


Unfortunately my favorite simple calculator, Operations, is no longer available for the iPad. Although, if you’ve downloaded it before it was removed from the App Store, you can still download it by clicking on the “Purchased” tab. Unfortunately, if you haven’t you’re out of luck. However, in my research to find a valid replacement of a free and ad-free simple calculator I stumbled upon MyScript Calculator. All other simple calculators were not ad-free or had to be paid for so this is my next recommendation. It’s different but I actually like how it works. There are no buttons like standard calculator apps. Instead you write your operation with your finger or stylus. MyScript effortlessly translates your handwriting and quickly calculates it right before your eyes.

MyScript supports the basic operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division – as well as exponents, square roots, percentages, absolute values, trigonometry, constants (pi, e, phi…), logarithms, (quantities), and factorials! ;)I tried to do cubed roots but it wouldn’t register correctly. I even tried raising a number to the 1/3 power to see if that would work but it didn’t. So there are improvements that can be made. Hopefully there will be an update for this. Therefore this is more than a simple calculator and is almost capable of being called a scientific calculator. However, for most calculations this app certainly does the trick.

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iPad App Review: Haiku Deck – a Simple & Fun Presentation App

Haiku Deck is a very friendly and easy to use iPad app that helps you to create beautiful presentations. It is so smooth and easy use that creating presentations actually becomes a joy.

It allows for just two lines of text per slide and as you type the text size changes so that it is always filling the slide horizontally. The idea is that the viewer shouldn’t be reading long paragraphs. It should be short and easy to read while the speaker still delivers the main content.

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iMovie & Movie Trailers for Mac

The Educational Technology Administrator in our district, Judy Adam, conducts an excellent 21st Century Technology Institute workshop on iMovie and Movie Making. I took both during the summer of 2011 coincidentally right before I went on a trip to Costa Rica. After just a few hours of experimenting with iMovie during the workshop I realized how much fun it was and made a note to myself to take lots of video during my trip. When I got back I made the following two videos through iMovie. I eventually used iMovie to make an inspirational video for a Mentoring Program Workshop I conducted with Nicole Sanyigo also. It was again used for 2nd year teacher training over the summer.

Mentoring Quotes

The Adventures of Costa Rica

The Pacific Ocean

All made with iMovie.

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How To: Use iMovie ’11 to Make Video Clips

App Review: Dropbox – Cloud Storage Service

If students are going to use iPads in the classroom then learning about cloud storage is an inevitability. That being said, most teachers are also going to need training on this topic. I would even recommend a professional development training just to get teachers familiar with it. By no means do I mean to imply that it is difficult to use – it is quite the opposite actually. A quick description of cloud storage is that you can upload your files (documents, pictures, etc.) to a server and be able to access them later through multiple devices such as a home computer, smartphone, iPad, laptop, or other computing devices. So if you’re typing a word document on your work computer, you can save it to your cloud storage (such as Dropbox) and you will be able to immediately access it from one of your other devices such as your come computer, iPad, or home computer. No longer will you need to keep emailing yourself your resume every time you make an edit. Here is a video that really breaks it down.

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No Calculator on the iPad?! Best Free Calculator Apps

I find it odd that the iPad, clearly one of the most revolutionary computing devices in the consumer market, does not even come with a calculator. The iPhone has a simple calculator when held normally but when held in landscape position stretches to reveal more buttons and becomes a scientific calculator. So clearly Apple understands the need for a calculator. Apple also clearly wants iPads to be used in the classroom so it’s mind-boggling that they left the calculator app out.

The iPhone Calculator:

Well, for whatever the reason, there really is no sense in trying to make sense of it all and if and when they ever do make one then it will be welcomed with open arms by everyone I’m sure but until then we’ll just have to sort through the calculator apps in the App Store. So here are my findings for the best free calculator apps. I stress free because there are good free calculator apps and school budgets need not waste money purchasing calculator apps when that money can go towards other more useful educational apps. I also am quick to disregard any apps that have ads in them so even though there are other free calculator apps that are great, possibly even better, when it comes to ads they can be so distracting and something as simple as that can lose the students’ focus on the task at hand so any apps mentioned here are also ad-free =)

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